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Melvins - The Bootlicker (CD, Album) - NEW

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Melvins - The Bootlicker (CD, Album) - NEW


Released: 1999
Format: CD, Album

[1] Toy
[2] Let It All Be
[3] Black Santa
[4] We We
[5] Up The Dumper
[6] Mary Lady Bobby Kins
[7] Jew Boy Flower Head
[8] Lone Rose Holding Now
[9] Prig

Produced at Louder Studios, San Francisco, California, January 1999.

This is PART Two of a whole.
[url=]The Maggot[/url] is part one.
[url=href="]The Crybaby[/url] is part three.

The last track contains a sample of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit".

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