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Maurizio Bianchi - The Testamentary Corridor (CD) - NEW

Silentes Minimal Editions

Maurizio Bianchi - The Testamentary Corridor (CD) - NEW


Released: Apr 2006
Format: CD

[1] The Sea Of Steles
[2] Through The Labyrinths
[3] Distressing Landscape
[4] Abstraction Of Horrors
[5] A Place Of Silence

Insubordinate discord in five tempos for monolithic keyboards and multicellular dissonances, perpetrated during the autumn of 2005.

Many thanks to S. Gentile for his diligent and industrious assistance and to S. Kaiser for his tenacious and convulsive collaboration.

Dedicated to the lamented martyrs.

To commemorate a testamentary event the human beings expend time and care, all theirs energies, but sometimes the results are disappointing... Due to the inconvenient heritage of our rhetorical history lost in the corridor of time. - M. B. 2005

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