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Maurizio Bianchi - M.I. Nheem Alysm (CD, Album) - NEW

Silentes Minimal Editions

Maurizio Bianchi - M.I. Nheem Alysm (CD, Album) - NEW


Released: 2005
Format: CD, Album

[1] M.I.
[2] Nheem
[3] Alysm

Packaged in a folding cardboard sleeve with an insert in Italian and English.

Decompositive triad for reverberating piano and osmosized keyboards, idealized and carried out between the Autumn of 2003 and the Spring of 2004.
This work is dedicated to all the people they proclaim the liberation of the modest minimalistic sound.
Special thanks to A. Cutolo for his steady technical assistance, and to G. Verticchio, S. Kaiser, K. Jochim, H. Kojo, N. Kasahara and D.Van Ravesteijn for their faithful emotional support.

Made in EU.

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