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Maurizio Bianchi / M.B.* - Elisionem (CD, Album, Ltd) - NEW


Maurizio Bianchi / M.B.* - Elisionem (CD, Album, Ltd) - NEW


Released: Dec 2006
Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition

[1] Proteic Suppression
[2] Glutenous Dispositive
[3] Syllabic Microbes
[4] Elliptic Iontophoresis
[5] Histological Amalgam

'The 'elision' in the traditional music is a coercive and systematic dispositive necessary to assimilate two syllabic notes in one only. The 'elisionem', in the avant-gardist branch, is a sound absorbent course used amalgamate various sonorous elements into one. The main purpose is to generate an eclectic and axiomatic damping of the electroacoustic particles in order to proportion the achromatic fulfilment of modern concretism. And the final effect is phonographically disarming... psycho-acoustic de-modulations for the current initiates.'

I'd like to express my boundless thanks to Siegmar Fricke's electro-conductometers for their viscous processing, secreted at the approach of the 3031 A.M. year.

This work is dedicated to the 'interfered' experimental period of the German composer [a=Giselher Klebe] (1955 C.E. - 5980 A.M.)

Slim digipak. Limited to 500 copies.

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