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Mark Pritchard - The Four Worlds (LP, MiniAlbum, 200) - NEW

Warp Records

Mark Pritchard - The Four Worlds (LP, MiniAlbum, 200) - NEW


Released: 23 Mar 2018
Format: Vinyl, LP, Mini-Album

[A1] Glasspops
[A2] Circle Of Fear
[B1] Come Let Us
[B2] The Arched Window
[B3] S.O.S.
[B4] Parkstone Melody II
[B5] Mên-an-Tol
[B6] The Four Worlds

Gatefold Sleeve, heavyweight vinyl, includes a download card.

From vinyl gatefold credits:
"Thanks to – [a=The Space Lady] (Susan Schneider), [a=Gregory Whitehead], [a=Mark Cremins], [a=Michael Kasparis], Sunny and Frank at the Synthesizerstudio Hamburg, Lorna Clarkson, [a=Árni Kristjánsson (2)], [a=Richard Waters], [a=Jonathan Zawada], [a=Ralf Köster] and all at [l=Pudel Produkte], [a=Katja Ruge], [a=Kevin Kehoe], [a=Eric Ian Schneider], [a=James Holden], all at [l=Warp Records], [a=Greg Eden], [a=Kelvin Brown], [a=Graham Messey], [a=Todd Osborn], [a=Tadd Mullinix], [a=Sean Booth], Nathan - Freeform Delusion, [a=Pablo Clements], [a=Om Unit], [a=Bibio], [a=Clark], [a=Gizmo (3)], James at Sonic Couture, all at [l=Spitfire Audio], all at [l=UAD], Jeff Cross, [a=Alex Pilkington], [a=DJ Khaled], [a=Danny Breaks], [a=Si Spex], Juliano, [a=Jonny Trunk], [a=Thom Yorke], [a=DJ Kuya], [a=James Blake], Head, [a=Dan Foat], [a=Torsten Schmidt] and all at [l=Red Bull Music Academy], [l=NTS Radio], [a=Jason Mitchell] and Anna from [l=Loud Mastering], [a=John Parish] and [a=Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith].
Dedicated to [a=John Dent] "Jonz". Thank you for making my music sound better than it ought to over the years, and for all the music that you brought your magic to for everyone to enjoy. You were the master and I will miss you."

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