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Mark Isham - Songs My Children Taught Me (CD, Comp) - USED

Windham Hill Records

Mark Isham - Songs My Children Taught Me (CD, Comp) - USED


Released: 1991
Format: CD, Compilation
Sleeve condition: Very Good Plus
Media condition: Very Good Plus

[] The Steadfast Tin Soldier
[1] The Doors Of Life Unveiled
[2] Love Song To A Ballerina
[3] A Nocturnal Waltz
[4] Entering The Kingdom Of Nature
[5] Journey Through The Poem Of A Tempestuous Sea
[6] Love's Ash Dissolves
[7] A Spangled Heart - Belonging To All Time And Earth
[] The Emperor And The Nightingale
[8] In China, You Know, The Emperor Is Chinese
[9] Travellers From Foreign Lands
[10] A Journey To The Edge Of The Sea
[11] The Nightingale At Court
[12] High Imperial Bedsidetablesinger (Firstclass On The Left)
[13] Awaiting The Angel Of Death
[14] A Visitation
[15] The Nightingale Returns
[16] The Emperor And The Nightingale
[] Thumbelina
[17] Thumbelina
[18] The Son Of Mrs. Toad
[19] Butterflies Frolic And Junebugs Despair
[20] In The Forest Of Life
[21] Invitation From A Field Mouse
[22] Mr. Mole - Of The Grey Coat
[23] To Step From The Border Of Death
[24] The Landscape Of Summer Comes To An End
[25] The Swallow's Song
[26] Home To The Sunny Countries
[27] Alina
[] The Emperor's New Clothes
[28] An Imperial Praeludium
[29] Here Come The Weavers
[30] Quatracinium (Opus 87)
[31] A Faithful Old Minister
[32] A Complicated Fish Motif (Woven)
[33] Fanfare For The Imperial Portrait
[34] A Trusted Official
[35] The Emperor's Dream
[36] An Imperial Inspection
[37] The Weaver's Nocturne
[38] The Imperial Fitting
[39] The Emperor's Procession - An Imperial Postludium

"Music From Rabbit Ears™ Storybook Classics"

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