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Lou Reed - The RCA & Arista Album Collection (17xCD, Album, RM + Box, Comp) - NEW

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Lou Reed - The RCA & Arista Album Collection (17xCD, Album, RM + Box, Comp) - NEW


Released: 07 Oct 2016
Format: CD, Album, Remastered

[] Lou Reed
[1-1] I Can't Stand It
[1-2] Going Down
[1-3] Walk And Talk It
[1-4] Lisa Says
[1-5] Berlin
[1-6] I Love You
[1-7] Wild Child
[1-8] Love Makes You Feel
[1-9] Ride Into The Sun
[1-10] Ocean
[] Transformer
[2-1] Vicious
[2-2] Andy’s Chest
[2-3] Perfect Day
[2-4] Hangin’ ‘Round
[2-5] Walk On The Wild Side
[2-6] Make Up
[2-7] Satellite Of Love
[2-8] Wagon Wheel
[2-9] New York Telephone Conversation
[2-10] I’m So Free
[2-11] Goodnight Ladies
[] Berlin
[3-1] Berlin
[3-2] Lady Day
[3-3] Men Of Good Fortune
[3-4] Caroline Says I
[3-5] How Do You Think It Feels
[3-6] Oh Jim
[3-7] Caroline Says II
[3-8] The Kids
[3-9] The Bed
[3-10] Sad Song
[] Rock N Roll Animal
[4-1] Intro / Sweet Jane
[4-2] Heroin
[4-3] White Light / White Heat
[4-4] Lady Day
[4-5] Rock ‘N’ Roll
[] Sally Can't Dance
[5-1] Ride Sally Ride
[5-2] Animal Language
[5-3] Baby Face
[5-4] N.Y. Stars
[5-5] Kill Your Sons
[5-6] Ennui
[5-7] Sally Can’t Dance
[5-8] Billy
[] Metal Machine Music
[6-1] Metal Machine Music, Pt. 1
[6-2] Metal Machine Music, Pt. 2
[6-3] Metal Machine Music, Pt. 3
[6-4] Metal Machine Music, Pt. 4
[] Coney Island Baby
[7-1] Crazy Feeling
[7-2] Charley’s Girl
[7-3] She’s My Best Friend
[7-4] Kicks
[7-5] A Gift
[7-6] Ooohhh Baby
[7-7] Nobody’s Business
[7-8] Coney Island Baby
[] Rock And Roll Heart
[8-1] I Believe In Love
[8-2] Banging On My Drum
[8-3] Follow The Leader
[8-4] You Wear It So Well
[8-5] Ladies Pay
[8-6] Rock And Roll Heart
[8-7] Chooser And The Chosen One
[8-8] Senselessly Cruel
[8-9] Claim To Fame
[8-10] Vicious Circle
[8-11] A Sheltered Life
[8-12] Temporary Thing
[] Street Hassle
[9-1] Gimmie Some Good Times
[9-2] Dirt
[] Street Hassle
[9-4] I Wanna Be Black
[9-5] Real Good Time Together
[9-6] Shooting Star
[9-7] Leave Me Alone
[9-8] Wait
[] Live Take No Prisoners
[10-1] Sweet Jane
[10-2] I Wanna Be Black
[10-3] Satellite Of Love
[10-4] Pale Blue Eyes
[10-5] Berlin
[10-6] I’m Waiting For The Man
[11-1] Coney Island Baby
[11-2] Street Hassle
[11-3] Walk On The Wild Side
[11-4] Leave Me Alone
[] The Bells
[12-1] Stupid Man
[12-2] Disco Mystic
[12-3] I Want To Boogie With Yo
[12-4] With You
[12-5] Looking For Love
[12-6] City Lights
[12-7] All Through The Night
[12-8] Families
[12-9] The Bells
[] Growing Up In Public
[13-1] How Do You Speak to an Angel
[13-2] My Old Man
[13-3] Keep Away
[13-4] Growing Up In Public
[13-5] Standing On Ceremony
[13-6] So Alone
[13-7] Love Is Here To Stay
[13-8] The Power Of Positive Drinking
[13-9] Smiles
[13-10] Think It Over
[13-11] Teach The Gifted Children
[] The Blue Mask
[14-1] My House
[14-2] Women
[14-3] Underneath The Bottle
[14-4] The Gun
[14-5] The Blue Mask
[14-6] Average Guy
[14-7] The Heroine
[14-8] Waves Of Fear
[14-9] The Day John Kennedy Died
[14-10] Heavenly Arms
[] Legendary Hearts
[15-1] Legendary Hearts
[15-2] Don’t Talk to Me About Work
[15-3] Make Up Mind
[15-4] Martial Law
[15-5] The Last Shot
[15-6] Turn Out The Light
[15-7] Pow Wow
[15-8] Betrayed
[15-9] Bottoming Out
[15-10] Home Of The Brave
[15-11] Rooftop Garden
[] New Sensations
[16-1] I Love You, Suzanne
[16-2] Endlessly Jealous
[16-3] My Red Joystick
[16-4] Turn To Me
[16-5] New Sensations
[16-6] Doin’ The Things That We Want To
[16-7] What Becomes A Legend Most
[16-8] Fly Into The Sun
[16-9] My Friend George
[16-10] High In The City
[16-11] The Great Defender (Down At The Arcade)
[] Mistrial
[17-1] Mistrial
[17-2] No Money Down
[17-3] Outside
[17-4] Don’t Hurt A Woman
[17-5] Video Violence
[17-6] Spit It Out
[17-7] The Original Wrapper
[17-8] Mama’s Got A Lover
[17-9] I Remember You
[17-10] Tell It To Your Heart

Box set includes poster, four prints and hard bound book. CD's in miniature replica sleeves. Memorabilia courtesy of Lou Reed Archive, Barbara (Fulks) Wilkinson, John Holmstrom, Sony Music Archives.

-"Lou Reed": recorded December, 1971 - January, 1972, Morgan Studios, London. Released April, 1972 as RCA Victor LSP-4701.
Pop #189 / chart debut: 6/24/1972.

-"Transformer": recorded August, 1972, Trident Studios, London. Released November 8, 1972 as RCA Victor AFL1-4807. Mixed at Trident Studios, London. Pop #29 / chart debut: 12/16/1972.

-"Berlin": basic tracks recorded Morgan Studios, London, overdubbing at CTS Studios, London by Richard Kewzey and at Record Plant Studios, New York by Greg Calbi, Dennis Ferrante, Jim Frank, Joe Lopes, Pat Martin, Jay Messina, Jim Reeves, Ed Sprigg, Danny Turbeville & Shelley Yakus. Mixed at The Record Plant. Produced for Nimbus 9 Productions Limited. Released July, 1973 as RCA Victor APL1-0207. Pop #98 / chart debut:10/20/1973.

-"Rock N Roll Animal": recorded live at Howard Stein's Academy of Music, NYC, December 21, 1973. Remote Recording: The Record Plant. Released February, 1974 as RCA Victor APL1-047. Produced for Anxiety Productions. Pop #45 / chart debut:3/2/1974.

-"Sally Can't Dance": recorded at Electric Lady, N.Y.C.. Mastered at RCA Studios, Toronto. Produced for Anxiety Productions Ltd. Released in August, 1974 as RCA Victor CPL1-0611. Pop #10 / chart debut: 10/5/1974.

-"Metal Machine Music": recorded 1974, Lou's Apartament. Mastered at Sterling Sound. Released in June, 1975 as RCA Victor CPL2-1101. Specifications: Sony 1/2 track, Uher 1/4 track, Pioneer 1/4 track, 5 piggyback Marshall Tube Amps in series, Arbiter distorter (Jimi's), Marantz Preamps, Marantz Amps, Altec Voice of America Monitor Speakers, Sennheiser Headphones, Drone cognizance and harmonic possibilities vis a vis Lamont Young's Dream Music, Rock Orientation, melodically disguised, i.e. drag, Avoidance of any type of atonality, Electro-Voice high filter microphones, Fender Tremelo Unit, Sunn Tremelo Unit, Ring Modulator/Octave Relay Jump, Fender Dual Showman Bass Amp with Reverb Unit (Pre-Columbia) white, No Synthesizers, No Arp, No Instruments?, --10 db + 57 db, --20 hz--+30,000 hz, --12 hz--+28,000 hz, Distortion 0.02 bass and treble ceilings.
Combinations and permutations built upon constant harmonic Density Increase and Melodic Distractions.
Strict Stereo Separation: No panning, No phasing, No.

-"Coney Island Baby": recorded, mixed and mastered at Mediasound, New York, October 1975. Released in January, 1976 as RCA Victor APL1-0915. Pop #41 / chart debut: 2/7/1976.

-"Rock And Roll Heart": recorded and mixed at The Record Plant, New York. Mastered at The Cutting Room. Released in October, 1976 as Arista AL 4100. Pop #64 / chart debut: 11/13/1976.

-"Street Hassle": live recording Munich, Wiesbaden, Ludwigshaflen, West Germany 1978. Studio recording: The Record Plant, New York City. Mixed at The Record Plant, New York City. Mastered at Sterling Sound. Released in February, 1978 as Arista AB 4169. Pop #89 / chart debut: 4/8/1978.

."Live Take No Prisoners": recorded live at The Botton Line, New York Cty, May 17-21, 1978. Mixed at Delta Studios, Wilster, Germany. Mastered at Sterling Sound, New York, NY. Produced for Sister Ray Enterprises, Ltd. Released November, 1978 as Arista AL 8502.

-"The Bells": recorded & mixed at Delta Studios, Wilster, West Germany. Mastered at Sterling Sound. Released in April, 1979 as Arista AB 4229. Pop #130 / chart debut: 6/2/1979.

-"Growing Up In Public": recorded at AIR Studios, Montserrat. Mixed at Electric Lady Studios, New York City. Mastered at Sterling Sound, New York City. Produced for Sister Ray Enterprises, Inc.. Released in April, 1980 as Arista AL 9522. Pop #158 / chart debut: 5/10/1980.

-"The Blue Mask": recorded at RCA Studios, New York, Oct. 1981. Mastered at Sterling Sound, New York. Released in January, 1982 as RCA AFK1-4211. This album contains no instrumental overdubs with the exception of my lead guitar in "My House". All Vocals are overdubbed with the exception of "The Heroine". My guitar is the one on the right stereo channel and was built by the Guitarman. Pop #169 / chart debut: 2/27/1982.

-"Legendary Hearts": recorded and engineered for Audio Airlines, Inc. at RCA Studios, New York. Mastered at Sterling Sound, New York. Produced for Sister Ray Enterprises, Inc.. Released in March 1983 as RCA AFL1-4568. Pop #159 / chart debut: 4/9/1983.

-"New Sensation": recorded Skyline Studios, New York City. Mixed at Atlantic Studios. Mastered at Sterling Sounds, New York City. Produced for Sister Ray Enterprises, Inc.. Proton P600M Monitor courtesy of Proton Inc., 737 W. Artesia Blvd., Compton, CA 90220. Released in April, 1984 as RCA AFL1-4998. Pop #56 / chart debut: 6/16/1984.

"Mistrial": recorded at Power Station, New York in 1986. Released in April, 1986 as RCA AFL1-7190. Pop #47 / chart debut: 5/24/1986.

On CDs: © 1972, 2016 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. ℗ 1972 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment.
On insert: This compilation ℗ & © Sony Music Entertainment.

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