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Lee Perry - At WIRL Records (CD, Comp) - NEW

Kingston Sounds

Lee Perry - At WIRL Records (CD, Comp) - NEW


Released: 2013
Format: CD, Compilation

[1] Labrish
[2] Run For Cover
[3] You Crummy
[4] People Funny Boy
[5] Justice To The People
[6] Django Shoots First
[7] Night Doctor
[8] People Sokup Boy
[9] Set Them Free
[10] Clint Eastwood Rides Again
[11] Water Pump
[12] Something You Got
[13] Wind Up Doll
[14] Iron Claw
[15] Rude Walking
[16] Run For Cover Dub
[17] Water Pump Dub
[18] Something You Got Dub
[19] Wind Up Doll Dub

Original sessions recorded at WIRL Studios. Produced by Lee Perry for WIRL Records.

The musicians include Lynn Taitt & the Jets and The Upsetters Band, among them the above credited musicians.

Tracks 15 to 19 are CD only bonus tracks.

Manufactured under License from: [url=]E.Lee[/url]/[url=]C. Rae[/url]/C. Perry

All tracks copyright control.

℗ Kingston Sounds 2013
© Kingston Sounds 2013

According to liner notes:
Track 1, "Labrish" was originally released in 1973.
Track 8, "People Sokup Boy" was a later version of "People Funny Boy" (track 4).
Track 9, "Set Them Free", was cut on the same rhythm as "Run For Cover" (track 2).
Track 11, "Water Pump", was originally released in 1974.
Track 12, "Something You Got", was a cover of an USA R&B track by [a=Chris Kenner].

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