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Lee Hazlewood - Trouble Is A Lonesome Town (CD, Album, Mono, RE) - NEW

Light In The Attic

Lee Hazlewood - Trouble Is A Lonesome Town (CD, Album, Mono, RE) - NEW


Released: 12 Mar 2013
Format: CD, Album, Mono, Reissue

[1] Long Black Train
[2] Ugly Brown
[3] Son Of A Gun
[4] We All Make The Flowers Grow
[5] Run Boy Run
[6] Six Feet Of Chain
[7] The Railroad
[8] Look At That Woman
[9] Peculiar Guy
[10] Trouble Is A Lonesome Town
[] Previously Unreleased
[11] It's An Actuality
[12] I Guess It's Love
[13] Fort Worth
[] Jamie 1103, 1958
[14] Pretty Jane
[15] Want Me
[] Jamie 1158, 1960
[16] The Girl On Death Row
[17] Words Mean Nothing
[] Sylvester 10,000, 1962
[18] Can't Let Her See Me Cry
[19] I've Made Enough Mistakes Today
[] The Lee Hazlewood Autobiography - Mercury MEP-87, 1964
[20] Who Is Lee Hazlewood?
[21] Moved From Place Of Birth
[22] Girl In High School
[23] In The Army
[24] Disc Jockey
[25] Record Biz

Light In The Attic’s Lee Hazlewood Archive Series continues with an expanded reissue of Lee Hazlewood’s debut album. Re-mastered from the original tapes, this is the first time Trouble Is a Lonesome Town has been available in its original mono mix since the 1960s. Presented as a CD with 15 bonus tracks and an forty page booklet.

Subscribers receive the un-aired 1960' screenplay "Trouble Is A Lonesome Town" (Limited to 350 copies).

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