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Laurent Garnier - The Cloud Making Machine (CD, Album) - USED

F Communications

Laurent Garnier - The Cloud Making Machine (CD, Album) - USED


Released: 2005
Format: CD, Album
Sleeve condition: Very Good Plus
Media condition: Very Good Plus

[1] The Cloud Making Machine Part 1
[2] 9.01-9:06
[3] Barbiturik Blues
[4] Huis Clos
[5] Act 1 Minotaure Ex.
[6] First Reaction (V2)
[7] Controlling The House Part 2
[8] (I Wanna Be) Waiting For My Plane
[9] Jeux D'Enfants
[10] The Cloud Making Machine Part 2

℗ & © 2005 F Communications. Published by Basic Groove except 4 by Basic Groove / C.C.

On track number 2, 9.01-9:06, we can hear Laurent Garnier's baby born on 9th January 2004, recorded by Laurent at the maternity hospital.

The factory is most beautiful to look at by night. The old people say that it has always been there, spitting out its white smoke, heavy like rain filled clouds. They say that the cloud making machine has the power to recharge the batteries of the sky and to raise wishes up to the heavens. This is a story about a man who made a wish and told it to the machine. But his wish was too complicated to be granted straightaway. Months passed, hope became stronger than doubt, love became stronger than fear, the present became stronger than the past, the sun became stronger than the winter and the dance became stronger than everything else. At last his wish was heard. The machine makes clouds and sends everyone's wishes up to the heavens. Ask, and perhaps your wish will be granted.

Made in Germany.

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