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Larkin Grimm - Parplar (CD, Album) - NEW

Young God Records

Larkin Grimm - Parplar (CD, Album) - NEW


Released: 2008
Format: CD, Album

[1] They Were Wrong
[2] Ride That Cyclone
[3] Blond And Golden Johns
[4] Dominican Rum
[5] Parplar
[6] Durge
[7] Be My Host
[8] Mina Minou
[9] My Justine
[10] Anger In Your Liver
[11] All The Pleasures In The World
[12] Fall On Your Knees
[13] How To Catch A Lizard
[14] The Dip
[15] Hope For The Hopeless

Released as a Digipak.

Recorded/mixed February-July 2008. Recorded at Old Soul Studio, Catskill, NY. Additional recording at Seizure's Palace, Brooklyn, NY.
Mixed at Trout Recording, Brooklyn, NY

Michael Gira is given credit for vocals on "Parplar II" but there is no track called "Parplar II". His vocals instead appear, though are not credited, on "The Dip"

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