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L'Âme Immortelle - Zwielicht (CD, Comp + VCD + Ltd, Red) - USED

Matrix Cube

L'Âme Immortelle - Zwielicht (CD, Comp + VCD + Ltd, Red) - USED


Released: 08 Feb 2002
Format: CD, Compilation
Sleeve condition: Near Mint
Media condition: Near Mint

[CD-1] Erinnerung (Stringsection)
[CD-2] Judgement (Faith And The Muse)
[CD-3] Epitaph (Sacrificed)
[CD-4] Rearranging (Matze_Mix)
[CD-5] Slut (Light And Shadow)
[CD-6] Licht Und Schatten (Spacediva)
[CD-7] Voiceless (Noiseless!?)
[CD-8] Was Hält Mich Noch Hier (Oldschool)
[CD-9] Forgive Me (In Strict Confidence)
[CD-10] Leaving (Beat.Bastard)
[CD-11] Dead Actor's Requiem (Act Two)
[CD-12] The Truth Behind (Dumped)
[VCD-1] Letting Go
[VCD-2] Changes
[VCD-3] Licht Und Schatten
[VCD-4] Ich Gab Dir Alles
[VCD-5] Bitterkeit
[VCD-6] Voiceless
[VCD-7] Life Will Never Be The Same Again
[VCD-8] Was Hält Mich Noch Hier
[VCD-9] Dead Actor's Requiem
[VCD-10] Behind-The-Scenes Footage

Released by Matrix Cube - a division of [Trisol] Music Group GmbH

CD-1 remix artist erroneously credited as Magnus Thomasson.
CD-10 remix credited to S.I.N.A. on back cover, to Pzychobitch in liner notes.

VCD filmed during the "Embraced In Twilight" tour 2001 at Matrix, Bochum October 3rd and KUZ, Mainz, October 11th.

Too many graves stay nameless in the garden of the dead too many pictures frameless blurred lost memories

Released as a double folded digipak.

Release comes with two posters.

Limited to 8000 worldwide. There are 8 versions of the glossy print, ltd. to 1000 per colour.

1000 Silver
1000 Gold
1000 Bronze
1000 Purple
1000 Blue
1000 Turquoise
1000 Red (this)
1000 Black

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