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Kim Weston - The Motown Anthology (2xCD, Comp, RM) - NEW


Kim Weston - The Motown Anthology (2xCD, Comp, RM) - NEW


Released: 10 Oct 2005
Format: CD, Compilation, Remastered

[1.1] Love Me All The Way
[1.2] Just Loving You
[1.3] Looking For The Right Guy
[1.4] A Little More Love
[1.5] I'm Still Loving You
[1.6] A Thrill A Moment
[1.7] Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While)
[1.8] Helpless (Long Version)
[1.9] You Hit Me Where It Hurt Me (Previously Unreleased In Stereo)
[1.10] Hurt A Little Everyday
[1.11] Love (Makes Me Do Foolish Things)
[1.12] I Don't Know If I'm Coming Or Going
[1.13] I'm Gonna Make It Up To You
[1.14] Come And Get These Memories (First UK Release)
[1.15] Will I Find My Love
[1.16] You Can Do It
[1.17] I Got A Weak Heart
[1.18] Marionette
[1.19] Fancy Meeting You Here
[1.20] Your Wonderful Sweet Sweet Love
[1.21] Where Am I Going
[1.22] When I Lost You
[1.23] Helpless (Short Version)
[1.24] Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While) (Alternate Version)
[2.1] I Know His Name (Only His Name)
[2.2] Meet Me Half Way
[2.3] Perfect Love
[2.4] Loving Touch
[2.5] Love Trouble Heartache And Misery
[2.6] Look My Way
[2.7] Another Train Coming
[2.8] I Need Him
[2.9] Your Mother Called On Me Today
[2.10] I'm The Exception To The Rule
[2.11] Build Him Up
[2.12] Go On Without Me
[2.13] When We Get Together
[2.14] One And One Makes Two (aka 'Waiting Out The Blues)
[2.15] Joey Joey
[2.16] Just Call Me
[2.17] He's My Baby (aka 'Sugar Baby')
[2.18] Any Girl In Love (Knows What I'm Going Through)
[2.19] I Love You, Yes I Do
[2.20] Drop In The Bucket (First UK Release)
[2.21] Absent Minded Lover
[2.22] I Got Good News
[2.23] What Have I Done To Myself
[2.24] This Dream

Mastered By Gary Moore at Universal Studios, London.
Analogue-to-Digital transfers from original master tapes by Kevin Reeves at Universal Mastering Studios-East.
Designed at Bold, London. Special thanks to Silvia Montello, Keith Hughes and John Lester.

This compilation (P) 2005 Universal Music Operations Ltd. (C) 2005 Universal Music Operations Ltd. The copyright in these sound recordings is owned by Motown Record Company LP and is licensed to Universal Music Operations Ltd. All rights reserved. [...] A product of Universdal Music Operations Ltd. Marketed and distributed in the UK by Universal Music Group Company. Country of manufacture as stated on label.

Tracks 1.10, 1.12, 1.13, 1.15 to 1.22, 1.24 and tracks 2.01 to 2.06, 2.08 to 2.19, 2.21 to 2.24 are noted previously unreleased.

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