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June Of 44 - In The Fishtank (CD, MiniAlbum) - NEW


June Of 44 - In The Fishtank (CD, MiniAlbum) - NEW


Released: 1999
Format: CD, Mini-Album

[1] Pregenerate
[2] Generate
[3] Henry's Revenge
[4] Modern Hereditary Dance Steps
[5] Every Free Day A Good Day
[6] Degenerate

Recorded at Koeienverhuur in February 1999.
Made in Canada.

From the back cd art:
"June Of 44 had just finished the recordings for their brand new album when they embarked on a tour through Spain, France and Italy. Without any further ado, they went straight on to do their Fishtank-session. They are used to work on songs over a short period of time, then record them immediately: a method of working that we appreciate very much and recognize in our own field. The extensive touring would leave some traces (Sean was ill for a day), but the band was eager to get all their ideas on tape. They kept going, whether it was night or day. Although June of 44 experienced the studio as a bunker, the equipment that was accidently available appeared to be very useful: an old organ, a tube radio-set that had been lying around, even sound engineer Zlaya was incorporated to generate some tone. In retrospect, one could consider this 'In The Fishtank' as the missing link between their albums 'Four Great Points' and 'Anahata', in the sense that it combines their adventurous 'rock' with the experimental jazzy musicality - six exclusive songs that make you sail off into the sunset."

From the inside cd art:
"'In the fishtank' is a project of Konkurrent Onafhankelijk Muziekbedrijf.
This is fish six: June of 44.
In this collection of short length cd's Konkurrent invites bands to whom they are strongly related to record while touring in Holland. These bands are given two days to put down on 24 tracks 20 to 30 minutes of whatever they like: regular songs, funny versions, improvised pieces... The fishtank offers a space for expression and experimentation."

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