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John Digweed - Choice: A Collection Of Classics (2xCD, Mixed) - USED

Azuli Records

John Digweed - Choice: A Collection Of Classics (2xCD, Mixed) - USED


Released: 28 Mar 2005
Format: CD, Mixed
Sleeve condition: Near Mint
Media condition: Very Good Plus

[1-01] Hoomba Hoomba
[1-02] Floatation
[1-03] Joy To The World (No Felt)
[1-04] Dream Beam (Ben Chapman 12" Remix)
[1-05] Dark House
[1-06] Don't Make Me Wait
[1-07] Your Wildlife (Wet 'N' Wildlife Mix)
[1-08] Security (Club Mix)
[1-09] Cascades (Hypnotone Mix)
[1-10] Mercurial (Euphoric Original Mix)
[1-11] White Love (Psychic Masturbation)
[1-12] We Came In Peace (John Digweed Re-Edit)
[1-13] Desert Storm
[1-14] Alone (It's Me) (Alley Cat Edit)
[1-15] Mmm... Skyscraper I Love You (Jam Scraper)
[2-01] Beautiful (Blue Mix)
[2-02] Tempted (Apple Crumble Mix)
[2-03] Disappear (Morales 12" Mix)
[2-04] Belgium (Nintendotwo Mix)
[2-05] What Would We Do (Eight Minutes Of Madness Mix)
[2-06] Back To The Beat (With 'The Sound')
[2-07] I'm The One You Need (Def Dub Version) (John Digweed Re-Edit)
[2-08] Cool Kids Of Death (Underworld Mix)
[2-09] Drive At Home
[2-10] Young American Primitive? (John Digweed Remix)
[2-11] Come On Boy (Underground Mix Dub)
[2-12] Sugar Daddy
[2-13] A Forest (Tree Mix)

Although not credited on the packaging, 2-10 is a remix by John Digweed. Track 2-04 is incorrectly labeled as the Nintendotone Mix.
Various typos on sleeves :
1-01 "Voices Of Africa"
1-02 "Flotation"
1-03 "No Felt Mix"
1-04 "Dreambeam"
1-08 "Security 88 (Midnight Club Mix)"
1-09 "Sheertaft"
1-10 "(Scott Hardkiss' Psychic Masterbation Mix)"
1-15 "(Jamscraper Mix)"
2-01 "(Spooky Remix)"
2-05 "What Would You Do"
2-11 "DJH & Steffy"
2-13 "(Mark Saunders Mix)"

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