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Jack Ruby (4) - Hit And Run (2xCD, Album) - NEW

Saint Cecilia Knows

Jack Ruby (4) - Hit And Run (2xCD, Album) - NEW


Released: 28 Apr 2014
Format: CD, Album

[1-01] Hit And Run
[1-02] Mayonnaise
[1-03] Bored Stiff
[1-04] Bad Teeth
[1-05] Sleep Cure
[1-06] Beggars Parade
[1-07] Neon Rimbaud
[1-08] Out Of Touch
[1-09] Hit And Run ('77)
[1-10] Bad Teeth (Don Fleming 'Instant Mayhem' Remix)
[2-01] Destroy/Lost
[2-02] Beryllium Blues
[2-03] Parietal Cha Cha
[2-04] Lithium Serenade
[2-05] Hydrogen Lullaby
[2-06] Palaatine March
[2-07] Sphenoid Waltz
[2-08] Sodium Nocturne
[2-09] Temporal Tango
[2-10] Mandible Mambo
[2-11] Ghost Note

Disc One:
JACK RUBY (MARK I)—Tracks 01 and 02: Robin Hall—Vocals. Chris Gray—Guitar/ Bass. Randy Cohen—Serge Synthesizer/Drums. Boris—Electric Viola. Recorded at Sound Ideas Studios, NYC, Spring 1974.

JACK RUBY (MARK II)—Tracks 03 to 05, 10: Robin Hall—Vocals. Chris Gray —Guitar/Bass. Randy Cohen—Serge Synthesizer/Piano/Drums. Pauline Conboy— Additional Vocals on ‘Bored Stiff’. Recorded at CBS Studio ‘B’, NYC, May 16, 1974. Except track 10: Original recording 29 Thompson Street, NYC, Spring 1974. Remixed by Don Fleming, ‘Instant Mayhem’ Studios, New Jersey, 2013.

JACK RUBY (MARK III)—Tracks 06 to 09: Chris Gray—Vocals/Guitar. George Scott— Bass. Nick—Drums. Rehearsal cassette, recorded at Matrix Studios, NYC, July 1977.

All tracks written by Randy Cohen, except ‘Mayonnaise’ (Mark Perlman), “Neon Rimbaud” (Chris Gray/Robin Hall), “Out of Touch” (Chris Gray) and “Beggars Parade” (Bob Crewe/Bob Gaudio). All tracks copyright control, except “Beggars Parade”, published by EMI Longitude Music/Seasons Four Music.

Disc Two:
All tracks: Randy Cohen—Serge Synthesizer.
With the addition of. Track 01: Robin Hall—Vocals. Boris—Electric Viola. Recorded at 25 Thompson, NYC, January 1974.

Track 04: Peter van Riper—Alto Sax. Track 05: Boris—Electric Viola. Track 10: Chris Gray—Guitar. Tracks 02 to 10, recorded at Bowl and Board, St Mark’s Place, NYC, January 1974.

Track 11: Rich Gold—Serge Synthesizer. Boris—Electric Viola. Recorded at CalArts, Newhall, CA, November 1972.

All tracks written by Randy Cohen, except “Destroy/Lost” (Randy Cohen/Robin Hall/ Mark Perlman), “Hydrogen Lullaby” (Randy Cohen/Mark Perlman), “Mandible Mango” (Randy Cohen/Chris Gray), “Ghost Note” (Randy Cohen/Rich Gold/Mark Perlman). All tracks copyright control.

Packaged in a 4 panel oversized card sleeve. 2 slots are for the CDs, one for a 9 panel folded poster and one for a 48 page booklet.

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