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Indigo (8) - (One:) Tribal Chants & Rhythms (CD, Album) - NEW

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Indigo (8) - (One:) Tribal Chants & Rhythms (CD, Album) - NEW


Released: 1996
Format: CD, Album

[1] Indigo Sunrise
[2] As Above, So Below
[3] Dream Warriors
[4] Guarana
[5] I Morning-You Bird
[6] Fishermans Lament
[7] Memories Of Lhasa
[8] Shell Shocked
[9] White Horse Dancing
[10] Tomorrow Is Maybe
[11] Aliens Of Red Rock
[12] Xingu River
[13] Indigo Sunset
[14] Shell Shocked (Aquarius Remix Edit)

Recorded & mixed at Lazy Moon Studios, Oxon, England / Edited at DB Studios, Abbey Road Studios & Viewpoint.
All songs published by: Kangaroo Music Ltd.& Amazone Music, except track 9 published by: Kangaroo Music Ltd.& Amazone Music / DMG Arizona.

This Project is endorsed by United Nations as an album for The International Decade of Indigenous Peoples; all the songs are credited to the Indigenous People themselves. A portion of the proceeds from this album is donated to help Indigenous Peoples maintain their invaluable and irreplaceable cultures through local community based projects.

Additional sounds from: Xavante, Karaja, Mehinacu, Nyodi, Tukano, Cuna, Zande, Baoule, Lakota, Navajo, Cree, Pygmy, Moyombi, Yanomami, Bunun, Latvians, U'Wa, Azerbaijani & Ainu.

(P) 1996 The copyright in this sound recordings is owned by Kangaroo Music and Amazon music, under exclusive license to EMI Records Ltd.

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