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Iced Earth - Dark Genesis (Box, Comp, Ltd + CD, EP + CD, Album, RM + CD, Albu) - USED

Century Media

Iced Earth - Dark Genesis (Box, Comp, Ltd + CD, EP + CD, Album, RM + CD, Albu) - USED


Released: 2001
Format: Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition
Sleeve condition: Very Good Plus
Media condition: Near Mint

[] Enter The Realm (Demo)
[1-1] Enter The Realm
[1-2] Colors
[1-3] Nightmares
[1-4] Curse The Sky
[1-5] Solitude
[1-6] Iced Earth
[] Iced Earth
[2-1] Iced Earth
[2-2] Written On The Walls
[2-3] Colors
[2-4] Curse The Sky
[2-5] Life And Death
[2-6] Solitude
[2-7] Funeral
[2-8] When The Night Falls
[] Night Of The Stormrider
[3-1] Angels Holocaust
[3-2] Stormrider
[3-3] The Path I Choose
[3-4] Before The Vision
[3-5] Mystical End
[3-6] Desert Rain
[3-7] Pure Evil
[3-8] Reaching The End
[3-9] Travel In Stygian
[] Burnt Offerings
[4-1] Burnt Offerings
[4-2] Last December
[4-3] Diary
[4-4] Brainwashed
[4-5] Burning Oasis
[4-6] Creator Failure
[4-7] The Pierced Spirit
[4-8] Dante's Inferno
[] Tribute To The Gods
[5-1] Creatures Of The Night
[5-2] Number Of The Beast
[5-3] Highway To Hell
[5-4] Burnin' For You
[5-5] God Of Thunder
[5-6] Screaming For Vengeance
[5-7] Dead Babies
[5-8] Cities On Flame
[5-9] It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock N' Roll)
[5-10] Black Sabbath
[5-11] Hallowed Be Thy Name

"Enter the Realm E.P."
Recorded at Morrisound Studios in January 1988
Mastered at Morrisound

"Iced Earth"
Recorded at Morrisound Studios in 7 days in August 1990
2001 Re-mix and Re-master by Jim Morris

"Night of the Stormrider"
Recorded and Mixed at Morrisound Studios in 15 days in September 1991
2001 Re-mix and Re-master by Jim Morris

"Burnt Offerings"
Recorded at Morrisound Recording
Mastered at Audio Lab
2001 Re-mix and Re-master by Jim Morris

"Tribute to the Gods"
Recorded at Schaffer Sound studios August 2001
Mixed and Mastered at Morrisound Studios August 2001

"Burnin' for You" © B. O'Cult Songs, Inc. (ASCAP)
"Cities on Flame" © B. O'Cult Songs, Inc. (ASCAP)
"Highway to Hell" © E.B. Marks Music Corps
"It's a LongWay to the Top" © E.B. Marks Music Corps
"Black Sabbath" © Onward Music Ltd.
"Creatures of the Night" © Hori Productions America
"Gods of Thunder" © Hori Productions America
"The Number of the Beast" © Zomba Music Publishers Ltd.
"Hallowed Be Thy Name" © Zomba Music Publishers Ltd.
"Screaming for Vengeance" © CBS Inc.
"Dead Babies" © Bizarre Records Inc.

©2001 Magic Arts Publishing except Disc 5
℗2001 Century Media Records Ltd.
Manufactured in Germany

Tracks 1-1, 1-5, 2-6 and 2-7 are instrumentals.

Comes in a tall digipak with slipcase.

First editions of this contains printing errors.
- CD with Night of the Stormrider image plays actually Enter the Realm.
- CD with Burnt Offerings image plays Iced Earth.
- CD with Enter the Realm image plays Night of the Stormrider.
- CD with Iced Earth image plays Burnt Offerings. Only CD Tribute to the Gods is correctly printed.

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