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Henry Cow - Unrest (CD, Album, RM) - NEW

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Henry Cow - Unrest (CD, Album, RM) - NEW


Released: 1999
Format: CD, Album, Remastered

[1] Bittern Storm Over Ulm
[2] Half Asleep; Half Awake
[3] Ruins
[4] Solemn Music
[5] Linguaphonie
[6] Upon Entering The Hotel Adlon
[7] Arcades
[8] Deluge

Recorded at the Manor Feb./Mar. 1974.
Dedicated to Robert Wyatt and Uli Trepte.

All the sounds were made with the instruments listed above; however, in parts of 3. and 5., the bassoon, alto, voice and drums were recorded at half or double speed.
1. acknowledges its debt to O. Rasputin's 'Got To Hurry' by the Yardbirds.
For many things other than the record we would like to thank Charles Fletcher, Jack Balchin, D.J. Perry, Ray Smith, Lol Coxhill, Henk Weltevreden and Geoff Leigh.

Made in North America

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