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Hell - Teufelswerk (2xCD, Album) - USED

International Deejay Gigolo Records

Hell - Teufelswerk (2xCD, Album) - USED


Released: 2009
Format: CD, Album
Sleeve condition: Near Mint
Media condition: Near Mint

[] Night
[1-1] U Can Dance
[1-2] Electronic Germany
[1-3] The DJ
[1-4] The Disaster
[1-5] Bodyfarm²
[1-6] Hellracer
[1-7] Wonderland
[1-8] Friday, Saturday, Sunday
[] Day
[2-1] Germania
[2-2] The Angst & The Angst Pt 2
[2-3] Carte Blanche
[2-4] Nightclubbing
[2-5] I Prefer Women To Men Anyway
[2-6] Action
[2-7] Hell's Kitchen
[2-8] Silver Machine

Release comes in a gatefold cardboard slipcase.

Tracks 1-1, 2-1 to 2-7 recorded and mixed at G-Stone Studio 1, Vienna using SupaSound.
Track 1-2 mixed and recorded at PSI Studio/Germany.
Track 1-7 recorded at PSI Studio Germany Europe.

Track 2-8 original performed by Hawkwind featuring vocals by Lemmy.
The track 'Nightclubbing' contains a sample from the movie 'Liquid Sky'. DJ Hell and friends are honoured to include the work of Slava Tsukerman and dearly hope that he hears this album and contacts International Deejay Gigolo Records to be compensated for his contribution to 'Teufelswerk'.

All tracks mastered at The Exchange, London, UK.

Published by No Limits/BMG Ufa, Peyo Musica, Fauna Songs c/o Fanfare Musikverlag, Fanfare Musikverlag Publishing, Fab World Music, BMI, Justin Combs Publishing admn. by EMI April Music, Inc. (ASCAP), Ed. Babelfish/Freibank, Eevo Lute Songs, Edition Terranova/Universal Music, EMI Publishing and Copyright Control.
[p]&[c] 2009 International Dee Jay Gigolo Records & Publishing GmbH & Co KG.

On backcover track 1-8 is written as "Friday Saturday Sunday"

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