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Half Japanese* - Volume Four: 1997 -2001 (3xLP, Album, Comp) - NEW

Fire Records

Half Japanese* - Volume Four: 1997 -2001 (3xLP, Album, Comp) - NEW


Released: 16 Apr 2016
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Compilation

[] Bone Head (1997)
[a1] Monkey Hand
[a2] A Night Like This
[a3] Sometimes
[a4] Zombie Eye
[a5] Song Of Joy
[a6] Own
[a7] Do It
[a8] He Walks Among Us
[a9] Diamonds And...
[a10] Kiss Me Like A Frog
[b1] Rhumba
[b2] Intergalactic Aliens
[b3] Celebration
[b4] C'mon Baby
[b5] Somehow I Knew
[b6] Now I Know
[b7] Brand New Sky
[b8] Should I?
[b9] Song Of Joy
[b10] Futuristic Lovers
[] Heaven Sent (1997)
[a1] Heaven Sent Part One
[b1] Heaven Sent Part Two
[b2] Good & True & Fine
[b3] A Fine Line
[b4] Outer Space
[b5] Well Worth While
[b6] Better Than No
[b7] Dynasty
[b8] Goldfish & The Trout
[b9] This Is Our Night
[b10] The Day We Met
[] Hello (2001)
[a1] All The Angels Said Go To Her
[a2] Patty
[a3] Temptation
[a4] The Legend Of Hillbilly John
[a5] Mississippi
[a6] No Doubt
[a7] 10:00 AM
[a8] Red Sun
[b1] Jump Into The Mess
[b2] Whatever The Outcome
[b3] Best Of The Best
[b4] Starlight
[b5] The Good Side
[b6] Happyland

record store day 2016 release.

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