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Haemophagus - Slaves To The Necromancer (LP) - NEW

Jennifer Grind Records

Haemophagus - Slaves To The Necromancer (LP) - NEW


Released: 2011
Format: Vinyl, LP

[A1] La Garrota (Intro)
[A2] Slaves To The Necromancer
[A3] Remember To Dismember
[A4] The Mark Of Madness
[A5] Sniffing The Cremated Rests
[A6] Dead Eater
[A7] Red Diabolical Eyes
[A8] Consecration
[A9] Traumatic Defecation Of Pus
[A10] Witches' Doom
[B1] Goddess Of Malice
[B2] Cataleptic Murders
[B3] Sunrise Over Fields Of Dust
[B4] Extirpating Life
[B5] Contamination
[B6] Rivers Run No More
[B7] Gotesque Laceration Of Mortified Fesh

Vinyl version with different cover design plus 3 extra tracks including a General Surgery cover.
Comes in 500 copies with first 100 on blood-red vinyl.

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