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Grace Slick - The Best Of (CD, Comp) - USED


Grace Slick - The Best Of (CD, Comp) - USED


Released: 1999
Format: CD, Compilation
Sleeve condition: Near Mint
Media condition: Near Mint

[1] Somebody To Love
[2] White Rabbit
[3] Rejoyce
[4] Lather
[5] Triad
[6] Eskimo Blue Day
[7] Sunrise
[8] Mexico
[9] Law Man
[10] Across The Board
[11] Better Lying Down
[12] Hyperdrive
[13] Fast Buck Freddie
[14] All The Machines
[15] Wrecking Ball
[16] We Built This City
[17] Do You Remember Me?
[18] Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now

Compilation produced by Paul Williams for House of Hits Production
Creative consultant: Bill Thompson
Audio restoration: Bill Lacey
Digital transfers: Mile Hartry
Compiled by Grace Slick, Bill Thompson and Paul Williams
Project director: Dalita Keumurian
Art direction: Henry Marquez
Desighn: Mike Diehl

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