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Giant Sand - The Sun Set Vol 1 (8xLP, Album, Comp + Box, Ltd) - NEW

Fire Records

Giant Sand - The Sun Set Vol 1 (8xLP, Album, Comp + Box, Ltd) - NEW


Released: 16 Apr 2016
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Compilation

[] Ballad Of A Thin Line Man
[A1] Thin Line Man
[A2] All Along The Watchtower
[A3] Graveyard
[A4] Body Of Water
[A5] Last Legs
[B1] You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory
[B2] A Hard Man To Get To Know
[B3] Who Am I
[B4] The Chill Outside
[B5] Desperate Man
[] Blurry Blue Mountain
[C1] Fields Of Green
[C2] Chunk Of Coal
[C3] The Last One
[C4] Monk's Mountain
[C5] Spellbound
[C6] Ride The Rail
[C7] Lucky Star Love
[D1] Thin Line Man
[D2] No Tellin'
[D3] Brand New Swamp Thing
[D4] Erosion
[D5] Time Flies
[D6] Better Man Than Me
[D7] Love A Loser
[] Center Of The Universe
[E1] Seeded ('Tween Bone And Bark)
[E2] Pathfinder
[E3] Center Of The Universe
[E4] Off Ramp Man
[E5] Year Of The Dog
[E6] Live To Tell
[E7] Thrust
[F1] Loretta And The Insect World
[F2] Sonic Drive In
[F3] Milkshake Girl
[F4] Stuck
[F5] Thing Like That
[F6] Return To Fodder
[F7] Unwed And Well Sped
[F8] Solomon's Ride
[] Chore Of Enchantment
[G1] Overture
[G2] (Well) Dusted (For The Millenium)
[G3] Punishing Sun
[G4] X-tra Wide
[G5] 1972
[G6] Temptation Of Egg
[G7] Raw
[H1] Wolfy
[H2] Shiver
[H3] Dirty From The Rain
[H4] Astonished (In Memphis)
[H5] No Reply
[I1] Satellite
[I2] Bottom Line Man
[I3] Way To End The Day
[I4] Shrine
[J1] Astonished (In Tucson)
[J2] Dusted (In Tucson)
[J3] Shiver (In Tucson)
[J4] Punishing Sun (In Tucson)
[J5] Bad (Not Good)
[] Glum
[K1] Glum
[K2] Yer Ropes
[K3] Happenstance
[K4] Frontage Road
[K5] Painted Bird
[L1] 1 Helvakowboy Song
[L2] Spun
[L3] Left
[L4] Faithful
[L5] Bird Song
[L6] I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
[] Goods And Services
[M1] Back To The Grey
[M2] Opus - Solomon's Ride - Opus
[N1] Good And Gone
[N2] Bender
[N3] Welcome To My World
[O1] Occupied
[O2] Warm Storm
[P1] You're So Vain
[P2] Surfin' Lean
[P3] Trickle Down System

From Fire Records website:

"The complete A-Z of Giant Sand will be released alphabetically rather than chronologically, highlighting the careening career and wandering muse of Howe Gelb and his assembled sun blasted slingers. The final volume will bring all three volumes together and include an album of bonus material and an exclusive book on the band and their history.

As a parting farewell gift, Fire Records will release a dreamy three volume box set of vinyl entitled; “The Sun Set”. Limited to 2000 copies of each box.

This first volume is released 16th April for Record Store Day 2016 on Fire Records.

Volume One:
Ballad of a Thin Line Man (1986) 1LP
Blurry Blue Mountain (2010) 1LP
Center of the Universe (1992) 1LP
Chore of Enchantment (2000) 2LP
Glum (1994) 1LP
Goods and Services (1995) 2LP

The hardboard slipcase box set contains six albums across eight 12” vinyl and features extensive and entertaining liner notes from Howe Gelb himself."

Includes Download With Bonus Tracks (Detailed here: [r=8646187])

Each vinyl LP displays its own catalogue # as follows:
Ballad Of A Thin Line Man FAME011
Blurry Blue Mountain FAME025
Center Of The Universe FAME017
Chore Of Enchantment FAME022
Glum FAME020
Goods And Services FAME021

Tracks on Disc 2 side B of Chore of Enchantment are bonus tracks (J1 to J5). Tracklisting order printed incorrectly on the sleeve. Correct order as shown above.

Tracks C4 and D6 are shorter edits than the versions available on the original CD release of [r2583422]. Durations printed on sleeve incorrectly state duration of full-length versions.

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