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Giant Sand - Long Stem Rant (2xLP) - NEW

Fire Records

Giant Sand - Long Stem Rant (2xLP) - NEW


Released: 2011
Format: Vinyl, LP

[A1] Unfinished Love
[A2] Sandman
[A4] Bloodstone
[A5] Searchlight
[A6] Smash Jazz
[B1] Sucker In A Cage
[B2] Patsy Does Dylan
[B3] It's Long 'Bout Now
[B4] Lag Craw
[B5] Loving Cup
[B6] Paved Road To Berlin
[C1] Anthem
[C2] Picture Shows
[C3] Drum & Guitar
[C4] Get To Leave
[C5] Searchlight Cha Cha
[C6] Return Of The Big Red Guitar
[D1] Stuck Dog
[D2] Real Gone Blue Guitar
[D3] The Jig "Zup"
[D4] Hardly A Day (Bonus)
[D5] Its Longer Now (Bonus)
[D6] Hammer Toe (Bonus)

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