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Gamma Ray - Ultimate Collection (Box, Comp + 6xCD, Album, RM) - USED

Noise Records

Gamma Ray - Ultimate Collection (Box, Comp + 6xCD, Album, RM) - USED


Released: 18 Mar 2001
Format: Box Set, Compilation
Sleeve condition: Very Good Plus
Media condition: Very Good Plus

[] Heading For Tomorrow
[CD1-1] Welcome
[CD1-2] Lust For Life
[CD1-3] Heaven Can Wait
[CD1-4] Space Eater
[CD1-5] Money
[CD1-6] The Silence
[CD1-7] Hold Your Ground
[CD1-8] Freetime
[CD1-9] Heading For Tomorrow
[CD1-10] Look At Yourself
[CD1-11] Mr. Outlaw
[CD1-12] Lonesome Stranger
[CD1-13] Sail On
[] Sigh No More
[CD2-1] Changes
[CD2-2] Rich And Famous
[CD2-3] As Time Goes By
[CD2-4] (We Won't) Stop The War
[CD2-5] Father And Son
[CD2-6] One With The World
[CD2-7] Start Running
[CD2-8] Counddown
[CD2-9] Dream Healer
[CD2-10] The Spirit
[CD2-11] Heroes
[CD2-12] Dream Healer (Pre-Production Version)
[CD2-13] Who Do You Think You Are
[] Insanity & Genius
[CD3-1] Tribute To The Past
[CD3-2] No Return
[CD3-3] Last Before The Storm
[CD3-4] The Cave Principle
[CD3-5] Future Madhouse
[CD3-6] Gamma Ray
[CD3-7] Insanity & Genius
[CD3-8] 18 Years
[CD3-9] Your Turn Is Over
[CD3-10] Heal Me
[CD3-11] Brothers
[CD3-12] Gamma Ray (Long Version)
[CD3-13] Exciter
[CD3-14] Save Us (Live)
[] Land Of The Free
[CD4-1] Rebellion In Dreamland
[CD4-2] Man On A Mission
[CD4-3] Fairytale
[CD4-4] All Of The Damned
[CD4-5] Rising Of The Damned
[CD4-6] Gods Of Deliverance
[CD4-7] Farewell
[CD4-8] Salvation's Calling
[CD4-9] Land Of The Free
[CD4-10] The Saviour
[CD4-11] Abyss Of The Void
[CD4-12] Time To Break Free
[CD4-13] Afterflife
[CD4-14] H.-M. Mania
[CD4-15] As Time Goes By
[CD4-16] The Silcene ('95 Version)
[] Somewhere Out In Space
[CD5-1] Beyond The Black Hold
[CD5-2] Men Martians And Machines
[CD5-3] No Stranger (Another Day In Life)
[CD5-4] Somewhere Out In Space
[CD5-5] Guardians Of Mankind
[CD5-6] The Landing
[CD5-7] Valley Of The Kings
[CD5-8] Pray
[CD5-9] The Winged Horse
[CD5-10] Cosmic Chaos
[CD5-11] Lost In The Future
[CD5-12] Watcher In The Sky
[CD5-13] Rising Star
[CD5-14] Shine On
[CD5-15] Return To Fantasy
[CD5-16] Miracle
[CD5-17] Victim Of Changes
[] Powerplant
[CD6-1] Anywhere In The Galaxy
[CD6-2] Razorblade Sigh
[CD6-3] Send Me A Sign
[CD6-4] Strangers In The Night
[CD6-5] Gardens Of The Sinner
[CD6-6] Short As Hell
[CD6-7] It's A Sin
[CD6-8] Heavy Metal Universe
[CD6-9] Wings Of Destiny
[CD6-10] Hands Of Fate
[CD6-11] Armageddon
[CD6-12] A While In Dreamland
[CD6-13] Rich & Famous
[CD6-14] Long Live Rock'N Roll

Featuring 6 CDs remastered and packaged in digipaks, includes the albums - Heading For Tomorrow, Sigh No More, Insanity & Genius, Land Of The Free, Somewhere Out In Space & Powerplant.

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