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Foetus - Vein (CD, Album, Enh) - NEW

Ectopic Ents.

Foetus - Vein (CD, Album, Enh) - NEW


Released: 16 Oct 2007
Format: CD, Album, Enhanced

[01] Pareidolia
[02] How To Vibrate
[03] Mon Agonie Douce
[04] L'Overture
[05] Don't Want Me Anymore
[06] Not Adam
[07] Thrush
[08] Aladdin Reverse
[09] Not In Yr Hands
[10] Corrodia Gravis
[Video] Time Marches On

"Additional reinterpretation and production by the artists"

Inlay has an enhanced album title: "Vein: Love Reimagined"

Tracks 4 and 10 contain elements of several songs from Love.

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