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Embalming Theatre - Exquisite Cadaveric Hormon Cocktails (12", Comp) - NEW

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Embalming Theatre - Exquisite Cadaveric Hormon Cocktails (12", Comp) - NEW


Released: 2005
Format: Vinyl, 12", Compilation

[A1] Hormones From The Dead
[A2] I Want My Gay Boyfriend To Eat Me Alive
[A3] Cadaveric Sandcastle
[A4] Dying Funeral Procession II: Cemetary Carnage
[A5] Locked Up With Hungry Cannibals
[A6] Six Little Corpses
[A7] Hallucinating Genitals-Ejector
[A8] Contamination With Embalming Fluids
[A9] Failed And Nailed
[A10] They Drowned In A Lake Of Blood
[A11] Buried Alive III: Suffocation In The Sand-Box
[B1] Rape The Cadaver
[B2] Buried Alive I: Undead In The Morgue
[B3] Shoes Made Of Human Skin
[B4] Someone Else In My Coffin
[B5] Patricide. Fratricide. Suicide.
[B6] Dead, Stolen, Hacked Up And Raped
[B7] Smell Of The Mummified Baby
[B8] We Ate Daddy
[B9] Fear Of Napalm

Compilation of "Hormones from the Dead" EP (side A)(Needle) No Escape Records 2004
and "Split-Organ" split EP (with Torture Incident,side B)(Glass) Reverb Productions 2005

Side Needle additional notes:
Hormones from the Dead -
"January 2003 Italy:Police found doping with hormones taken out of human cadavers"
I want my Gay Boyfriend to eat Me Alive -
"December 2002 Kassel/Germany:A gay cannibal mutilated his boyfriend.He had eaten him alive. They also shared pieces of meat(of his cock)"
Cadaveric Sandcastle -
"RSA April 2003:Kids discovered hundreds of bags with human ashes and bones.A local crematory digged 'em at the beach"
Dying funeral procession II:Cemetary carnage -
"September 2003 / Pakistan:Political activists shot the mourning relatives at the funeral(for religious reasons)"
Locked up with hungry cannibals -
"June 2003/Guatemala:4 imprisoned men disappeared.
In the prison they found remains of human bones...
so what happened?"
Six little Corpses -
April 2002,Tokyo:In an apartment police found the corpses of 6 babies,dead for months,stuffed in the cupboard"
Hallucinating Genitals-Ejector -
"September 2003/Germany:A teenager tried out Atropin.In a hallucinating condition he amputated his penis and tongue"
Contamination with Embalming Fluids -
"Inspired by the guideline for Funeral Directors and Embalmers"
Failed and Nailed -
"Kambodscha,November 2002:A mother nailed her daughters foot,cause she went out to play (instead of work at home)"
They Drowned in a Lake of Blood -
"August 2003/Egypt:7 men cleaned an abattoir. The inhuman stench caused a faint and their death.They drowned in a lake of blood."
Buried Alive III:Suffocation in the Sand-Box -
"Belgium ,August 2002:Kids in the kindergarten played"funeral"and dug a young boy in the sand box.He suffocated"

Side Glass additional notes:
Rape the Cadaver -
"First half of the last century:The attractive wife of a doctor died too young.He embalmed her body and installed a plastic reed for a better sex with the mummy.He made that for many years"
Undead in the Morgue -
"Germany,March 2002:Unconsciousness/and wrongly transported in the morgue.An old lady(72 years) waked up in the morgue.But it was very cold,too cold for her and she freezed to death.Ultimately"
Shoes made of Human Skin -
"2001 Tansania:A few men were arrested due to their luggage(bones,skulls,human-skin-shoes)"
Someone else in My Coffin -
"Many cases are reported(and rumours too)that the Cosa Nostra got rid of unwanted corpses"
Patricide.Fratricide.Suicide. -
"Run amok:The killer kills himself after the attack.Final justice or just a cowardly exit?"
Dead,Stolen,Hacked up and Raped -
"Germany 2001:A father of a family broke into a morgue and he had stolen the body of a young girl. At home he hacked up the corpse and raped the vaginal shreds"
Smell of the Mummified Baby -
"Berlin,January 2002:A young woman(21 years)left her son (aged 2 years)alone in the flat.For about 3 months.The young boy died.The flat was completely filled with rubbish"
We Ate Daddy -
"Sydney,Australia 2001:A woman(butcher) murdered and cooked her husband and fed him to his kids"

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