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Dream Evil = ドリーム・イーヴル* - In The Night = イン・ザ・ナイト (CD, Album) - USED

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Dream Evil = ドリーム・イーヴル* - In The Night = イン・ザ・ナイト (CD, Album) - USED


Released: 24 Feb 2010
Format: CD, Album
Sleeve condition: Near Mint
Media condition: Near Mint

[1] Immortal = インモータル
[2] In The Night = イン・ザ・ナイト
[3] Bang Your Head = バング・ユア・ヘッド
[4] See The Light = シー・ザ・ライト
[5] Electric = エレクトリック
[6] Frostbite = フロストバイツ
[7] On The Wind = オン・ザ・ウインド
[8] The Ballad = ザ・バラード
[9] In The Fires Of The Sun = イン・ザ・ファイアーズ・オブ・ザ・サン
[10] Mean Machine = ミーン・マシーン
[11] Kill, Burn, Be Evil = キル、バーン、ビー・イーヴル
[12] The Unchosen One = ジ・アンチョーズン・ワン
[] Bonus Tracks:
[13] Good Nightmare = グッド・ナイトメア
[14] The Return = ザ・リターン
[15] Save Yourself = セイヴ・ユアセルフ
[16] Black Hole = ブラック・ホール

Issued in a slightly thicker than standard jewel case with a clear tray. Includes a 20-page booklet with English lyrics, credits, and release information; 16-page booklet with Japanese track list, commentary, and lyrics translated into Japanese (対訳). Also includes an obi and a sticker of the release cover.
The commentary is credited as:
和田 誠

From the back cover:
2010 King Record Co., Ltd. Printed in Japan. [...] ℗2010 Century Media Records Ltd. ©2010 Element Music Publishing Licensed by Century Media Records

From the 1st booklet:
Drums and Rhythm Guitars recorded January - February 2009 at Studio Fredman [...]
Vocals recorded March - May 2009 at Studio Brun [...]
Bass recorded February - March 2009 at Studio Bald E Blygd [...]
Lead guitar recorded April - June 679 A.D at Studio Mayor N A [...]
Mixed August 2009 at Studio Fredman [...]

The Ballad: Strings and Choir conducted [...] at West minister Abbey.

Immortal: Unhearable Choirs recorded and conducted [...] at the windpined cliffs of Skeilig Michael. Performed by hermit monks and malicious seagulls.

Kill, Burn, Be Evil: Tamed Troll caught in 1917 and bred for the sole purpose of making a small speech on the behalf of Dream Evil in 2009.

Unchosen One: Strings & Female vocals recorded and edited [...] in studio Elevator Nobody.

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