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Dr. Octagon - Dr. Octagon (Box, Album, RE + 3xLP) - NEW

DreamWorks Records

Dr. Octagon - Dr. Octagon (Box, Album, RE + 3xLP) - NEW


Released: Apr 2017
Format: Box Set, Album, Reissue

[] Side I
[1.1] Intro
[1.2] 3000
[1.3] I Got To Tell You
[1.4] Earth People
[1.5] No Awareness
[] Side II
[2.1] Real Raw
[2.2] General Hospital
[2.3] Blue Flowers
[2.4] Technical Difficulties
[2.5] Visit To The Gynecologyst
[] Side A
[A1] Bear Witness
[A2] Dr. Octagon
[A3] Girl Let Me Touch You
[A4] I'm Destructive
[A5] Wild And Crazy
[] Side B
[B1] Elective Surgery
[B2] Halfsharkhalfalligatorhalfman
[B3] Blue Flowers (Revisited)
[B4] Waiting List (DJ Shadow/Automator Mix)
[B5] 1977
[] Side III
[3.1] Blue Flowers (Prince Paul's So Beautiful Remix)
[3.2] 3000 (Automator 1.2 Remix)
[3.3] Bear Witness (Automator's Two Turntables And A Razor Blade Re-edit)
[] Side IV
[4.1] Astro Embalming Fluid
[4.2] Redeye
[4.3] I'll Be There
[4.4] Wild And Crazy (2016 Remix)
[4.5] I'm Destructive (2016 Remix)

20th Anniversary Box Set released by Get On Down. The records and their octagon-shaped sleeves are housed in a custom-made octagonal box, with original front and back cover artwork (by Pushead). A 40-page liner note booklet is included, with dozens of images – from album artwork to promotional ads – as well as interviews with both Keith and Dan The Automator by author Brian Coleman.

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