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David Chesworth - 50 Synthesizer Greats (LP, RE) - NEW

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David Chesworth - 50 Synthesizer Greats (LP, RE) - NEW


Released: 31 Mar 2017
Format: Vinyl, LP, Reissue, Stereo

[A1] The Great Yawn
[A2] Have Beat - Will Travel
[A3] Could You Repeat That?
[A4] Green Lady
[A5] 3 3/4
[A6] Malignant Humour
[A7] Give 'em Heaps
[A8] Kraut Mich Mit Einem Dachshund
[A9] Do The Boogaloo
[A10] C.H.C.M.C.
[A11] Hommage To Billy Holiday
[A12] A-Sat
[A13] The Shady Elements
[A14] I Told You So
[A15] Etc (Please Turn Over)
[B1] Necrophilia
[B2] Forbin Project
[B3] Bi-Pole Antenna
[B4] O! Wow!
[B5] Flea Circus
[B6] Synthetic Neo Classic Promenade
[B7] Joe Fubernacci - Private Eye
[B8] ?
[B9] Inverted Commas Space Outlaw
[B10] Co-Co-Nut Smooth
[B11] Feelings Diminished
[B12] Alternately Yours
[B13] Just About
[B14] It's All Done With Headphones
[B15] Mind Your Expander
[B16] Making Waves
[B17] No Strings
[B18] 100
[B19] It Don't Mean A Thing
[B20] Then I Transmitter
[B21] Feline Twice The Cat
[B22] Tropical Fruit Salad

Back sleeve notes:

1 AKAI 4000 BS 1/4 Track Tape Recorder, S.O.S.
1 Mini Korg 700S Synthisizer

Extruding plastic Hi/fi knobs for Bob Semmons at Semmons Pty. Ltd. Plastics Co.

Recorded at home after work between 20.11.78 & 4.12.78. "Portraiture Operation" (Reverb/Varispeech/Flange/yawn....)
Performed on original tape at Latrobe Studios with John Campbell be-tween 6.3.79 & 20.3.79.

Remember, David says: "Only quantity counts."

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