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Daniel O'Sullivan - VELD (2xLP, Album, Tra) - NEW

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Daniel O'Sullivan - VELD (2xLP, Album, Tra) - NEW


Released: 30 Jun 2017
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album

[A1] The Pendulum
[A2] Scorpio Rising Blues
[A3] The Swimmer
[A4] The Many Are We
[A5] Doe a Deer
[B1] Hc Svnt Dracones
[B2] Apocryphonium
[B3] Luminous Fibres
[B4] Sabotage Devices
[C1] Be Honour You
[C2] The Projector
[C3] Preludium
[C4] Plutonians
[D1] Plants I-VII

All music composed and produced by DOS
VIII composed by Knut Jonas Sellevold and DOS
Recorded at Tower Gardens Rd, London 2012-2016
Cut by Matt Colton at Alchemy Mastering
Cover portrait, type and layout by Mark Titchner
Back and insert artwork by DOS
Autorecitation on VII from The Thunder Perfect Mind
Dedicated to the memory of Ian Johnstone (1967-2015)

Sam Barton - Trumpet on VII
Linn Carin Dirdal - Voice on I, III, IV, VIII, IX
Siemy Di - Percussion on VIII, IX
Knut Jonas Sellevold - Guitar and Synths on VIII, Electric Marimba on IX
Martin McDougall - Pads on III
Jael Reasoner - Voice on VIII, XIII
Ivy O'Sullivan - Voice on V, XI
Tomas Pettersen - Drums on XIII
Astrud Steehouder - Voice on II

© Daniel O'Sullivan 2017
Published by Mutesong

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