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Current 93 - I Am The Last Of All The Field That Fell (CD, Album) - NEW

Coptic Cat

Current 93 - I Am The Last Of All The Field That Fell (CD, Album) - NEW


Released: 07 Feb 2014
Format: CD, Album

[1] The Invisible Church
[2] Those Flowers Grew
[3] Kings And Things
[4] With The Dromedaries
[5] The Heart Full Of Eyes
[6] Mourned Winter Then
[7] And Onto PickNickMagick
[8] Why Did The Fox Bark?
[9] I Remember The Berlin Boys
[10] Spring Sand Dreamt Larks
[11] I Could Not Shift The Shadow

Packaged in a full-color 4-panel clear-tray Digipak with a tube pocket for the booklet; includes a 24-page booklet containing all lyrics, credits and photographs of the band.
Track durations do not appear on the release.

[Poem "Truth Is One" spoken and written by Norbert Kox]
Track 2 ends with "Truth Is One I", track 8 start "Truth Is One II", and track 10 ends "Truth Is One III".

Front cover: Pazuzu Over All The Field That Fell With Spheres. Inner cover: PazuzuSleepsHouse. Booklet cover: Pazuzu Over No Field That Fell With Spheres. Inner booklet prayers: PickNickTrickScripts. [...] Published by Domino Music. [...] Mastered by the bricoloeur at [...] Layout [...] at [...] David Tibet and Current 93 squat apocalyptically at The majority of this Channel was recorded at AirTight Studios and engineered by Seadna McPhail. Nick Cave was recorded at the Toy Room and engineered by Pablo Clements and James Griffith.

[Back sleeve]
Distributed in UK/Europe by

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