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Crosby, Stills & Nash - Crosby, Stills & Nash (4xCass, Comp + Box, Comp) - USED


Crosby, Stills & Nash - Crosby, Stills & Nash (4xCass, Comp + Box, Comp) - USED


Released: 15 Oct 1991
Format: Cassette, Compilation
Sleeve condition: Very Good Plus
Media condition: Very Good Plus

[1-A1] Suite: Judy Blue Eyes (Alternate Mix)
[1-A2] Helplessly Hoping (Unreleased Live Studio Version)
[1-A3] You Don't Have To Cry
[1-A4] Wooden Ships
[1-A5] Guinnevere (Early Demo)
[1-A6] Marrakesh Express
[1-A7] Long Time Gone
[1-A8] Blackbird (Unreleased Live Studio Version)
[1-A9] Lady Of The Island
[1-A10] Song With No Words (Tree With No Leaves)
[1-B1] Almost Cut My Hair (Unreleased Unedited Original Version)
[1-B2] Teach Your Children
[1-B3] Horses Through A Rainstorm
[1-B4] Deja Vu
[1-B5] Helpless
[1-B6] 4 + 20
[1-B7] Laughing
[1-B8] Carry On / Questions
[2-A1] Woodstock (Alternate Mix)
[2-A2] Ohio
[2-A3] Love The One You're With
[2-A4] Our House
[2-A5] Old Times Good Times
[2-A6] The Lee Shore
[2-A7] Music Is Love
[2-A8] I'd Swear There Was Somebody Here
[2-A9] Man In The Mirror
[2-A10] Black Queen (Live)
[2-B1] Military Madness
[2-B2] Urge For Going
[2-B3] I Used To Be A King
[2-B4] Simple Man (Alternate Mix)
[2-B5] Southbound Train
[2-B6] Change Partners
[2-B7] My Love Is A Gentle Thing
[2-B8] Word Game
[2-B9] Johnny's Garden
[2-B10] So Begins The Task
[2-B11] Turn Back The Pages
[3-A1] See The Changes
[3-A2] It Doesn't Matter
[3-A3] Immigration Man
[3-A4] Chicago / We Can Change The World
[3-A5] Homeward Through The Haze
[3-A6] Where Will I Be?
[3-A7] Page 43
[3-A8] Carry Me
[3-A9] Cowboy Of Dreams
[3-A10] Bittersweet
[] To The Last Whale...
[3-B2] Prison Song
[3-B3] Another Sleep Song
[3-B4] Taken At All
[3-B5] In My Dreams
[3-B6] Just A Song Before I Go
[3-B7] Shadow Captain
[3-B8] Dark Star
[3-B9] Cathedral
[4-A1] Wasted On The Way
[4-A2] Barrel Of Pain (Half-Life)
[4-A3] Southern Cross
[4-A4] Daylight Again / Find The Cost Of Freedom
[4-A5] Thoroughfare Gap
[4-A6] Wild Tales (Live)
[4-A7] Dear Mr. Fantasy
[4-A8] Cold Rain
[4-A9] Got It Made (Live At The U.N.)
[4-B1] Tracks In The Dust
[4-B2] As I Come Of Age
[4-B3] 50/50
[4-B4] Drive My Car
[4-B5] Delta
[4-B6] Soldiers Of Peace
[4-B7] Yours And Mine
[4-B8] Haven't We Lost Enough?
[4-B9] After The Dolphin
[4-B10] Find The Cost Of Freedom

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