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Creedence Clearwater Revival - 40th Anniversary Editions Box Set (7xCD, Album, RM + Box, Comp) - USED


Creedence Clearwater Revival - 40th Anniversary Editions Box Set (7xCD, Album, RM + Box, Comp) - USED


Released: 22 Jun 2009
Format: CD, Album, Remastered
Sleeve condition: Near Mint
Media condition: Near Mint

[] Creedence Clearwater Revival
[1-1] I Put A Spell On You
[1-2] The Working Man
[1-3] Suzie Q
[1-4] Ninety-Nine And A Half
[1-5] Get Down Woman
[1-6] Porterville
[1-7] Gloomy
[1-8] Walk On The Water
[] Bonus Tracks:
[1-9] Call It Pretending
[1-10] Before You Accuse Me
[1-11] Ninety-Nine And A Half (Live At The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA, 3/14/69)
[1-12] Suzie Q (Live At The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA, 3/14/69)
[] Bayou Country
[2-1] Born On The Bayou
[2-2] Bootleg
[2-3] Graveyard Train
[2-4] Good Golly Miss Molly
[2-5] Penthouse Pauper
[2-6] Proud Mary
[2-7] Keep On Chooglin'
[] Bonus Tracks:
[2-8] Bootleg (Alternate Take)
[2-9] Born On The Bayou (Live In London, England, 9/28/71)
[2-10] Proud Mary (Live In Stockholm, Sweden, 9/21/71)
[2-11] Crazy Otto (Live At The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA, 3/14/69)
[] Green River
[3-1] Green River
[3-2] Commotion
[3-3] Tombstone Shadow
[3-4] Wrote A Song For Everyone
[3-5] Bad Moon Rising
[3-6] Lodi
[3-7] Cross-Tie Walker
[3-8] Sinister Purpose
[3-9] The Night Time Is The Right Time
[] Bonus Tracks:
[3-10] Broken Spoke Shuffle
[3-11] Glory Be
[3-12] Bad Moon Rising (Live In Berlin, Germany, 9/16/71)
[3-13] Green River/Suzie Q (Live In Stockholm, Sweden, 9/21/71)
[3-14] Lodi (Live In Hamburg, Germany, 9/17/71)
[] Willy And The Poor Boys
[4-1] Down On The Corner
[4-2] It Came Out Of The Sky
[4-3] Cotton Fields
[4-4] Poorboy Shuffle
[4-5] Feelin' Blue
[4-6] Fortunate Son
[4-7] Don't Look Now
[4-8] The Midnight Special
[4-9] Side O' The Road
[4-10] Effigy
[] Bonus Tracks:
[4-11] Fortunate Son (Live In Manchester, England, 9/1/71)
[4-12] It Came Out Of The Sky (Live In Berlin, Germany, 9/16/71)
[4-13] Down On The Corner (Jam With Booker T, & The MGs At Fantasy Studios, 1970)
[] Cosmo's Factory
[5-1] Ramble Tamble
[5-2] Before You Accuse Me
[5-3] Travelin' Band
[5-4] Ooby Dooby
[5-5] Lookin' Out My Back Door
[5-6] Run Through The Jungle
[5-7] Up Around The Bend
[5-8] My Baby Left Me
[5-9] Who'll Stop The Rain
[5-10] I Heard It Through The Grapevine
[5-11] Long As I Can See The Light
[] Bonus Tracks:
[5-12] Travelin' Band (Remake Take)
[5-13] Up Around The Bend (Live In Amsterdam, Holland, 9/10/71)
[5-14] Born On The Bayou (With Booker T, & The MGs At Fantasy Studios, 1970)
[] Pendulum
[6-1] Pagan Baby
[6-2] Sailor's Lament
[6-3] Chameleon
[6-4] Have You Ever Seen The Rain?
[6-5] (Wish I Could) Hideaway
[6-6] Born To Move
[6-7] Hey Tonight
[6-8] It's Just A Thought
[6-9] Molina
[6-10] Rude Awakening #2
[] Bonus Tracks:
[6-11] 45 Revolutions Per Minute (Part 1)
[6-12] 45 Revolutions Per Minute (Part 2)
[6-13] Hey Tonight (Live In Hamburg, Germany, 9/17/71)
[] Mardi Gras
[7-1] Lookin For A Reason
[7-2] Take It Like A Friend
[7-3] Need Someone To Hold
[7-4] Tearin' Up The Country
[7-5] Someday Never Comes
[7-6] What Are You Gonna Do
[7-7] Sail Away
[7-8] Hello Mary Lou
[7-9] Door To Door
[7-10] Sweet Hitch-Hiker

Contains all seven CCR studio albums, remastered with bonus tracks (except last album Mardi Gras, which has no extra tracks). Cds come housed in vinyl sleeve replicas. Contains 116 page booklet.

Tracks 1-1 to 6-13 mastered at Fantasy Studios.
Tracks 2-1 to 2-8 recorded at RCA Studios, Hollywood.
Tracks 3-1 to 3-11 recorded at Wally Heider Studios, San Francisco.

Track 1-10, "Call It Pretending"(marked as Outtake). The B-side of the first Creedence Clearwater Revival single, which was originally released under the band's previous name, the Golliwogs, on the Fantasy Records subsidiary, Scorpio. The A-side, "Porterville" was eventually included on the first Creedence album.
Track 1-11, "Before You Accuse Me". The Bo Diddley number the band ultimately recorded for the fifth Creedence album, Cosmo's Factory, was first recorded by Creedence at the same session the band did "Susie Q", the first studio date by the newly renamed Creedence Clearwater.
Track 1-12,"Ninety-Nine And A Half". Recorded live at the Fillmore Auditorium on March 4, 1969 for underground FM radio station KSAN, this previously unreleased live tape captures Creedence in the band's first headline appearance at the San Francisco rockhall, shortly after the release of "Proud Mary". Creedence originally recorded the song, best known as hit single by soul man Wilson Pickett, for the band's first album.
Track 1-12, "Susie Q". A tape of the Dale Hawkins song that John Fogerty purposely polished into a psychedelic guitar showpiece had been something of a hit on the San Francisco underground FM station KMPX before the staff went on strike. When the deejays reassembled on KSAN, the band's first album was out and the station played the eight-minute studio version eight or more times a day. This is the full-length live version from the March 1969 live broadcast by KSAN from the Fillmore Auditorium.
Track 2-8, "Bootleg (Alternate Take)". Almost twice the length of the take included on 'Bayou Country', this is a completely different version than the master. On the runoff of the master tape, John Fogerty can be heard saying "That's the best one.".
Track 2-9, "Born On The Bayou (Live Version)". Recorded live by the three-piece edition of Creedence during the band's last European tour at Royal Albert Hall in London (previously unreleased).
Track 2-10, "Proud Mary (Live Version)". Also recorded live on the 1971 European tour, the band's final public performances, in Stockholm, Sweden (previously unreleased).
Track 2-11, "Crazy Otto (Live Version)". This psychedelic blues jam comes from the live recordings made by the San Francisco underground FM station KSAN in March 1969 at the Fillmore Auditorium - called "Crazy Otto" because of an introduction Fogerty often gave the tune, making fun of the light night TV commercials by a local car dealer.
Track 3-10, "Broken Spoke Shuffle". From an experimental session at San Francisco's Wally Heider Studios prior to recording the 'Green River' album, this is the instrumental track to a song John Fogerty never finished. It was Fogerty's custom to record only the basic instrumental parts with the band and complete the recording later, overdubbing by himself.
Track 3-11, "Glory Be". Another one of the three unfinished tracks the band tried in a test session at Wally Heider's, while the band first checked out the recently opened studio where Creedence eventually did record 'Green River'.
Track 3-12, "Bad Moon Rising". Recorded live in Berlin by the three-man Creedence on the band's final tour of Europe in 1971 (previously unreleased).
Track 3-13, "Green River/Susie Q". Also from the band's 1971 European tour, this unreleased outtake was recorded in Stockholm for the 'Live In Europe' album.
Track 3-14, "Lodi". Recorded in Hamburg during the last European tour by the trio, also never before released.
Track 4-11, "Fortunate Son". Recorded live in Manchester, U.K. on the 1971 European tour by the three-man edition of Creedence, the band's final performance, previously unreleased.
Track 4-12, "It Came Out Of The Sky". Also previously unreleased and recorded for the 'Live In Europe' in Berlin on the 1971 tour.
Track 4-13, "Down On The Corner. From a jam session with Booker T. & The MGs in 1970 for a TV special at the band's Berkeley warehouse rehearsal hall, Cosmo's Factory, with Fogerty trading licks with MGs guitarist Steve Cropper, one of Fogerty's great guitar heroes.
Track 5-12, "Travelin Band (Remake Take)". Recorded December 19, 1969, six weeks after the release of the 'Cosmo's Factory' album, this bare-bones version (no horn overdubs) of the Creedence hit may have been recorded as a backing track for television lip-synch appearances.
Track 5-13, "Up Around The Bend". Recorded live in Amsterdam by the three-piece version of Creedence on the band's final European tour in 1971 for the 'Live In Europe' album, but never before released.
Track 5-14, "Born On The Bayou". From a summit meeting between Creedence and Booker T. & The MG's, the Memphis soul specialists who were not just Creedence's supporting act on tour by request, but a key role model to the band musically, filmed for a concert television special at Creedence's Berkeley headquarters, Cosmo's Factory, in 1970.
Tracks 6-11 & 6-12, "45 Revolutions Per Minute (Parts 1 & 2)". The rarest of the Creedence collectibles, this was a two-sided promotional single in a white coverwith a dour message comparing Creedence to the Beatles ("A black flag flies a the Beatles' Apple headquarters..."). Produced under the spell of "Revolution No. 9" the tape montage tries to get across the elusive Creedence humor with the help of camp-in-his-own-time Top 40 Bay Area deejay Tom Campbell as imitated by Doug Clifford.
Track 6-13, "Hey Tonight". Previously unreleased, recorded live in Hamburg by the three-man edition of the band on the 1971 final four for the 'Live In Europe' album, the band's last public performances.

℗&© 2009 Concord Music Group, Inc.
Made in the EU.

The booklet mentions John Fogerty incorrectly as producer of CD1 but the sleeve and the disc mention Saul Zaentz as producer.

Tracks 1-3, 1-12, 3-13: Title "Suzie Q" printed as "Susie Q" in the booklet.
Track 6-10: Title as "Rude Awakening #2" on the box but as "Rude Awakening No. 2" in the booklet.

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