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Corpse Carving - Grotesque Goratorium: Disemboweled Gorific Feast (CD, Album) - USED

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Corpse Carving - Grotesque Goratorium: Disemboweled Gorific Feast (CD, Album) - USED


Released: Nov 2005
Format: CD, Album
Sleeve condition: Very Good Plus
Media condition: Near Mint

[1] A Morticians Feast Pt.1 - Gourmet Flesh Sorbet
[2] Worming The Amputee - Fucking Defleshed Stumps
[3] Headless Disgorgement - Decapiated And Ingested
[4] Skinned And Cauterized - A Mangled Mess Of Muscle And Bone
[5] Drenched In Visceral Excretions And Excrement - Aftermath Of Emasculation
[6] A Morticians Feast Pt.2 - Human Hors D"Oeuvre
[7] Enveloped In Putrified Orifice (Entangled In Entrails)
[8] Disseverment Of Mortuary Remnants - Deceased, Defiled And Dissected
[9] Cadaverous Gutting Of A Foetal Form - The Splattered Progeny
[10] Malformed And Bursting When Impregnated With Putridity
[11] Grotesque Goratorium - Disemboweled Gorific Feast
[12] Dilapidated Bowels - Impalement Induced Gut Eruption
[13] To Molest Ones Own Art Pt.1 - Screwing The Slaughtered
[14] Necrotic Vivisection - Dripping From The Entrails
[15] Hacksaw Caesarian - Fetus Internally Castrated
[16] Quagmire Of Hacked And Rotting Mass
[17] Butchering And Coursing Thru The Evisceration Fragments
[18] To Molest Ones Own Art Pt.2 - Primitive Perversity
[19] Gangrenous Corpse Pile - Stenching Erosive Septic Meat
[20] A Morticians Feast Pt.3 - Gruesome Slurp For Dessert
[21] A Rotten Internal Decomposing Sewage Coagulation
[22] Reservoir Of Repugnance - The Dwelling Of Deformity
[23] Intestines With Innards - A Fetid Stew Of Penetralia
[24] Perpetual Hemoglobin Solidification Within Folded Flesh

Recorded at TMC Studio in 2005
Vocals mixed at Troll Bubble Studio

All songs copyright to Tom Pryer/Corpse Carving

Chris Quince – 5 string offal gorging decimation
Tom Pryer – 6 string purulent carving and goretronic bombardment
Ed Kube – Outbursts of vomitous gut spew

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