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Chris Cutler / Fred Frith* - 2 Gentlemen In Verona (CD, Album) - NEW

ReR Megacorp

Chris Cutler / Fred Frith* - 2 Gentlemen In Verona (CD, Album) - NEW


Released: 2000
Format: CD, Album

[1] Act 1, Scene I: Enter Valentine And Proteus - Gavest Thou My Letter To Julia?
[2] Act 1, Scene II: Enter Julia And Lucetta - And Yet Methinks I Do Not Like This Tune (The Mean Is Drowned By Your Unruly Bass)
[3] Act 1, Scene III: Enter Antonio And Panthino - This Month I Have Been Hammering
[4] Act 2, Scene I: Enter Valentine And Speed - And Yet, I Was Last Chidden For Being Too Slow
[5] Act 2, Scene II: Enter Proteus And Julia - Have Patience, Gentle Julia
[6] Act 2, Scene III: Enter Launce (With His Dog Crab) - As Light As A Lilly And As Small As A Wand
[7] Act 2, Scene IV: Enter Valentine, Silvia, Thurio And Speed - We Have Conversed, And Spent Our Hours Together
[8] Act 2, Scene VI: Enter Proteus Solus - This Night He Meaneth With A Coded Ladder ...
[9] Act 3, Scene I: Enter Duke, Thurio And Proteus - Fostered, Illumin'd. Cherish'd, Kept Alive.
[10] Act 4, Scene I: Enter Certain Outlaws - Fellows, Stand Fast: I See A Passenger
[11] Act 5, Scene I: Enter Eglamour - Fear Not, The Forest Is Not Three Leagues Off
[12] Act 5, Scene II: Enter Thurio, Proteus And Julia - But Well, When I Discourse Of Love And Peace
[13] Act 5, Scene III: Enter Silvia And Outlaws - Come, Come, Be Patient
[14] Act 5, Scene IV: Enter Valentine - Forgive Them What They Have Committed Here
[15] Exeunt
[16] Encore

Concert recording Interzona, Verona, April 16, 1999.
Concert recorded [to] DAT, line out from desk
Edited and mastered at Wolf Studios, London and Studio Midi Pyrenees.
The concert was continuous, except for the last track [...], added track marks for navigation and access purposes.
P ReR Megacorp 2000
C PRS / Gema 1999
Made in North America
Distributed in USA by Cuneiform
Distributed in Japan by Locus Solus

Packaging: standard jewel case with 4 page booklet

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