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Cherubs (2) - Uncovered By Heartbeat (LP) - NEW

Cargo Records

Cherubs (2) - Uncovered By Heartbeat (LP) - NEW


Released: 2004
Format: Vinyl, LP

[A1] Telepathy
[A2] The Kiss All Morning
[A3] 9 * Out Of 10
[A4] You Stay I Leave
[A5] Adult Video / Chinese Food
[A6] Eyes Only
[B1] Hey Bunny
[B2] This Awful Morning
[B3] Botox Bop
[B4] Faces & Masks
[B5] Room With A View

A1, A3, A5, A6 and B1 to B5 recorded by Howard Gray, Ashley Krajewski and Cherubs at Apollo Control, London, UK.
A2 and A4 recorded by Gareth Parton and Cherubs at Fortress Studios, London, UK.
Mastered by Heathmans Mastering, London, UK.

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