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Botch - Unifying Themes Redux (2xLP, Comp, Ltd, Ora) - NEW

Hydra Head Records

Botch - Unifying Themes Redux (2xLP, Comp, Ltd, Ora) - NEW


Released: 19 Apr 2014
Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Limited Edition

[A1] God Vs. Science
[A2] Third Part In A Tragedy
[A3] Inch By Inch
[A4] O Fortuna (The Opera Song)
[A5] Closure
[B1] Contradiction
[B2] Ebb
[B3] Stupid Me
[B4] In Spite Of This
[B5] End Of Discussion
[B6] Wounded
[C1] Liquoured Up And Laid
[C2] Leavers Take On Genesis
[C3] Rock Lobster
[C4] Frequent Mass Transit
[C5] Sudam
[D1] Third Part In A Tragedy
[D2] God Vs. Science
[D3] Ebb
[D4] Baseless Spine
[D5] Closure
[D6] Stupid Me
[D7] Dead For A Minute

1500 copies; not clear if colouration is for entire pressing or not.

This combines all of the songs from The Unifying Themes of Sex, Death, and Religion compilation CD with 7 additional tracks. Previously released as CD on Excursion Records.
Tracks A1 to A4 originally released on the The John Birch Conspiracy Theory 7".
Track A4 was previously credited as "The Opera Song".
Track A5 originally released on the I Can't Live Without It compilation.
Tracks B1 to B4 originally released on the Faction 7".
Track B5 originally released on the Brewing compilation.
Track B6 is previously unreleased.
Tracks C1 and C2 originally released on the Botch / Nineironspitfire split 7".
Track C3 originally released on the "Point Furthest From The Middle" compilation.
Track C4 originally released on the Botch / Murder City Devils split 7".
Track C5 is previously unreleased, an instrumental from the demo recordings of their final release on Hydra Head.
Tracks D1.1 to D1.7 are a live set from WFMU. No tracklisting for side D is given on the release.

©2006 Botch / Licensed by Hydra Head Records.

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