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Boris (3) With Merzbow - Gensho (2xCD, Album, Dig) - NEW

Relapse Records

Boris (3) With Merzbow - Gensho (2xCD, Album, Dig) - NEW


Released: 18 Mar 2016
Format: CD, Album

[1-1] Farewell
[1-2] Huge
[1-3] Resonance
[1-4] Rainbow
[1-5] Sometimes
[1-6] Heavy Rain
[1-7] Akuma No Uta
[1-8] Akirame Flower
[1-9] Vomitself
[2-1] Planet Of The Cows
[2-2] Goloka Pt. 1
[2-3] Goloka Pt. 2
[2-4] Prelude To A Broken Arm

The two sets are intended to be played at the same time at varying volumes so that the listener can experience their own "gensho/phenomenon" every time.

CD 1 (Boris) recorded at Sound Square.

CD 2 (Merzbow) recorded and mixed at Munemihouse.

"Sometimes" published by EMI Music Publishing.

Track times are taken by digitally ripping files from the CDs, they do not appear on the release.

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