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Björk - Voltaïc (CD, Album + 2xDVD-V, Multichannel + CD, Comp) - USED


Björk - Voltaïc (CD, Album + 2xDVD-V, Multichannel + CD, Comp) - USED


Released: 24 Apr 2009
Format: CD, Album
Sleeve condition: Very Good Plus
Media condition: Very Good Plus

[] Songs From The Volta Tour Performed Live At Olympic Studios
[CD1-1] Wanderlust
[CD1-2] Hunter
[CD1-3] The Pleasure Is All Mine
[CD1-4] Innocence
[CD1-5] Army Of Me
[CD1-6] I Miss You
[CD1-7] Earth Intruders
[CD1-8] All Is Full Of Love
[CD1-9] Pagan Poetry
[CD1-10] Vertebræ By Vertebræ
[CD1-11] Declare Independence
[] The Volta Tour
[] Live In Paris
[DVD1-1] Brennið Þið Vitar
[DVD1-2] Earth Intruders
[DVD1-3] Hunter
[DVD1-4] Immature
[DVD1-5] Jóga
[DVD1-6] The Pleasure Is All Mine
[DVD1-7] Vertebræ By Vertebræ
[DVD1-8] Where Is The Line
[DVD1-9] Who Is It
[DVD1-10] Desired Constellation
[DVD1-11] Army Of Me
[DVD1-12] Bachelorette
[DVD1-13] Wanderlust
[DVD1-14] Hyperballad
[DVD1-15] Pluto
[DVD1-16] Declare Independence
[] Live In Reykjavik
[DVD1-17] Pneumonia
[DVD1-18] My Juvenile
[DVD1-19] Vökuró
[DVD1-20] Sonnets / Unrealities XI
[DVD1-21] Mouth's Cradle
[] The Volta Videos
[DVD2-1] Earth Intruders
[DVD2-2] Declare Independence
[DVD2-3] Innocence
[DVD2-4] Wanderlust
[DVD2-5] The Dull Flame Of Desire
[DVD2-6] The Making Of 'Declare Independence'
[DVD2-7] The Making Of 'Wanderlust'
[] The Competition Top Ten Runners Up [In Alphabetical Order]
[DVD2-8] Innocence
[DVD2-9] Innocence
[DVD2-10] Innocence
[DVD2-11] Innocence
[DVD2-12] Innocence
[DVD2-13] Innocence
[DVD2-14] Innocence
[DVD2-15] Innocence
[DVD2-16] Innocence
[] The Volta Mixes
[CD2-1] Earth Intruders (XXXchange Remix)
[CD2-2] Innocence (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)
[CD2-3] Declare Independence (Matthew Herbert Remix)
[CD2-4] Wanderlust (Ratatat Remix)
[CD2-5] The Dull Flame Of Desire (Modeselektor Remix For Girls)
[CD2-6] Earth Intruders (Lexx Remix)
[CD2-7] Innocence (Graeme Sinden Remix)
[CD2-8] Declare Independence (Ghostigital Remix)
[CD2-9] The Dull Flame Of Desire (Modeselektor Remix For Boys)
[CD2-10] Innocence (Alva Noto Unitxt Remodel)
[CD2-11] Declare Independence (Black Pus Remix)
[CD2-12] Innocence (Simian Mobile Disco Dub Remix)

Voltaïc standard edition. Includes a fold-out booklet poster.

Also available in a [url=]deluxe box-set edition[/url]

Custom sticker on shrinkwrap reads: "Björk Voltaïc / 2xDVD The Volta Tour Live / In Paris + Reykjavik / All The Volta Videos / 2xCD Live In The Studio And Remix Versions"

DVD1-20: The lines from "It May Not Always Be So: And I Say" © 1923, 1951, © 1991 by the trustees for the E.E. Cummings Trust. © 1976 by George James Firmage. From complete poems: 1901-1962 by E.E. Cummings. Edited by George J. Firmage. Used by permission of Liveright Publishing Corporation.
DVD2-5, CD2-5, CD2-9: Lyrics taken from a translation of a poem by Fyodor Tyutchev (1803-1873) as it appears in the film "Stalker" by Andrei Tarkovsky © 1993 Fox Lorber Video. All rights reserved.

CD1 recorded live at Olympic Studios, June, 25th 2007.
DVD1-1 to DVD1-16 recorded live in Paris Olympia, June 25th 2008.
DVD1-17 to DVD1-21 recorded in Reykjavik Langholtskirkja, August 26th 2007. Recorded at Syrland Mobile. Mixed at Studio Syrland. Mastered at Syrland Mastering.
CD2-5 & CD2-9 remixed at Modeselektor's (Restroom Inc. Studiopark Berlin).
CD2-10: Courtesy Raster-Notno. Archiv für Ton Und Nitchtton. Remodeled in transit: Venice, Roma Villa Massimo, Zurich.

DVD-Video contain 5.1 surround sound audio in DTS and Dolby Digital.
Exempt from classification
Region 0-All

℗ © 2008 Wellhart Ltd/One Little Indian Ltd.
Made in the EU

The publishers:
Björk: Universal Music Publishing.
Olivier Alary: Copyright Control.
Graham Massey: Perfect Songs Ltd.
Howie Bernstein: Sony Music Publishing.
Mark Bell: EMI Music.
N.Hills: Danjahandz Music / Warner Chappell Publishing.
Sjón: Copyright Control.
T.Mosley: Virginia Music Publishing / Warner Chappell Publishing (ASCAP).
Erratum: the credits for the video direction are switched for tracks DVD2-2 & DVD2-3.

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