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Bessie Smith - The Empress (2xLP, Comp, Mono) - USED


Bessie Smith - The Empress (2xLP, Comp, Mono) - USED


Released: 1971
Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Mono
Sleeve condition: Very Good Plus
Media condition: Very Good Plus

[A1] Sing Sing Prison Blues
[A2] Follow The Deal On Down
[A3] Sinful Blues
[A4] Woman's Trouble Blues
[A5] Love Me Daddy Blues
[A6] Dying Gambler's Blues
[A7] St. Louis Blues
[A8] Reckless Blues
[B1] Sobbin' Hearted Blues
[B2] Cold In Hand Blues
[B3] You've Been A Good Ole Wagon
[B4] Cake Walkin' Blues
[B5] The Yellow Dog Blues
[B6] Soft Pedal Blues
[B7] Dixie Flyer Blues
[B8] Nashville Woman's Blues
[C1] Muddy Water
[C2] There'll Be A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight
[C3] Trombone Cholly
[C4] Send Me To The 'Lectric Chair
[C5] Them's Graveyard Words
[C6] Hot Springs Blues
[C7] Sweet Mistreator
[C8] Lock And Key
[D1] Mean Old Bedbug Blues
[D2] A Good Man Is Hard To Find
[D3] Homeless Blues
[D4] Looking For My Man Blues
[D5] Dyin' By The Hour
[D6] Foolish Man Blues
[D7] Thinking Blues
[D8] Pickpocket Blues

Date per Billboard October 28, 1971, p. 53 "Album Reviews".
Side A & D and B & C likewise are coupled on one record.

This is the fourth of five two-record sets.

Previously releases as:
A1: Columbia 14051-D (mx 140170-1). December 6, 1924.
A2: Columbia 14052 (mx 140161-5)
A3: Columbia 14052-D (mx 140162-5). December 11, 1924.
A4: Columbia 14060-D (mx 140166-6)
A5: Columbia 14060-D (mx 140167-5). December 12, 1924.
A6: Columbia 14051-D (mx 140176-2). December 13, 1924.
A7: Columbia 15064-D (mx 140241-1)
A8: Columbia 14056-D (mx 140242-1). January 14, 1925.
B1: Columbia 14056-D (mx 140249-2)
B2: Columbia 14064-D (mx 140250-2)
B3: Columbia 14079-D (mx 140251-1). January 14, 1925.
B4: Columbia 35673 (mx W-140585-2)
B5: Columbia 14075-D (mx W-140586-1). May 5, 1925.
B6: Columbia 14075-D (mx W-140601-2). May 14, 1925.
B7: Columbia 14079-D (mx W-140607-1). May 15, 1925.
B8: Columbia 14090-D (mx W-140625-2). May 26, 1925.
C1: Columbia 14197-D (mx W-143569-1)
C2: Columbia 14219-D (mx W-143570-2). March 2, 1927.
C3: Columbia 14232-D (mx W-143575-3)
C4: Columbia 14209-D (mx W-143576-2)
C5: Columbia 14209-D (mx W-143583-2)
C6: Columbia 14569-D (mx W-143584-2). March 3, 1927.
C7: Columbia 14260-D (mx W-143735-3)
C8: Columbia 14232-D (mx W-143736-3). April 1, 1927.
D1: Columbia 14250-D (mx W-144796-3)
D2: Columbia 14250-D (mx W-144797-3)
D3: Columbia 14260-D (mx W-144800-3). September 27, 1927.
D4: Columbia 14569-D (mx W-144801-3). September 28, 1927.
D5: Columbia 14273-D (mx W-144918-1)
D6: Columbia 14273-D (mx W-144919-3). October 27, 1927.
D7: Columbia 14292-D (mx W-145626-2)
D8: Columbia 14304-D (mx W-145627-1). February 9, 1928.

All selections were recorded in New York City.

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