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Belle And Sebastian* - Storytelling (CD, Album) - NEW

Jeepster Recordings

Belle And Sebastian* - Storytelling (CD, Album) - NEW


Released: 03 Jun 2002
Format: CD, Album

[1] Fiction
[2] Freak
[3] Dialogue: Conan, Early Letterman
[4] Fuck This Shit
[5] Night Walk
[6] Dialogue: Jersey's Where It's At
[7] Black And White Unite
[8] Consuelo
[9] Dialogue: Toby
[10] Storytelling
[11] Dialogue: Class Rank
[12] I Don't Want To Play Football
[13] Consuelo Leaving
[14] Wandering Alone
[15] Dialogue: Mandingo Cliche
[16] Scooby Driver
[17] Fiction Reprise
[18] Big John Shaft

Music written for the Todd Solondz movie 'Storytelling'.

℗ & © 2002 Jeepster Recordings.
Manufactured in the UK.
Distributed by 3MV / Pinnacle.

Recorded at Water Music (NJ), Magic Studios (NYC) and CaVa (Glasgow).
Mastered at The Townhouse.

Thank you to: Neil Robertson (The Gaffer), Katrina House (Press & Merchie), Sarah & Liz Liew (Cover Stars), Mark Jones (Cover Star & Dreamer of Dreams), Kay Heath & Matt Wills (The Workers), Stef & Jo D'Andrea (The Directors), Charlie Cross & Claire Taylor (The Touring Strings), David & Liz Elliot (costumes), Tina Jennings (acupuncturist), Eddy & Anna Farquhar (for their kitchen), Susan Jacobs (Film Music Supervisor), Ronnie (for his Band Supplies) and Lyle Hysen (Matador Records).

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