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Antiseen - Screamin' Bloody Live (2xLP) - USED

TKO Records

Antiseen - Screamin' Bloody Live (2xLP) - USED


Released: 2001
Format: Vinyl, LP
Sleeve condition: Very Good
Media condition: Very Good Plus

[A1] Guns Ablazin'
[A2] Commando
[A3] Six Days On The Road
[A4] Wifebeater
[A5] O.D. For Me
[A6] Ten Pounds Of Shit In A Five Pound Bag
[B1] Hammerhead
[B2] Ruby, Get Back To The Hills
[B3] Sod
[B4] Fornication
[B5] I'm A Babyface Killer
[C1] Funk U
[C2] Cactus Jack
[C3] Sabu
[C4] Fuck All Y'all
[C5] Melting Pot
[C6] I Don't Like You
[D1] Intro: The Cosmic Commander Of Wrestling
[D2] Today Your Love
[D3] Stormtrooper
[D4] Two Headed Dog
[D5] My God Can Beat Up Your God
[D6] Perfect To The Rescue
[D7] Hellstomper

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