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Anna Homler And Steve Moshier - Breadwoman & Other Tales (CD) - NEW

Rvng Intl.

Anna Homler And Steve Moshier - Breadwoman & Other Tales (CD) - NEW


Released: 05 Feb 2016
Format: CD

[1] Ee Chê
[2] Oo Nu Dah
[3] Gu She' Na' Di
[4] Giyah
[5] Yesh' Te
[6] Sirens
[7] Celestial Ash

Tracks 1 through 5 recorded at Innocent Hands Studio in Los Angeles, CA (1985).
Track 7 from "Deliquium In C" [not in the database yet]
Vocals on tracks 6 and 7 recorded [...] at Pacifica Studios in Los Angeles, CA (1989, 1993).
Track 7 written for Hae Kyung Lee and dancers.
Mastered [...] at Chicago Mastering Services.

Special thanks to Lloyd Rogers, Matt Werth, Fré De Vos, Ken Montgomery, Evan Cohen, Bertha and Howard Homler, 5th House Enterprises, Diya, and A w/w M.

All songs Anna Homler, Pharmacia Poetica Music (Chrysalis/BMG) and Steve Moshier, Innocent Hands (BMI) 2015.

©℗ 2015 RVNG Intl.

In booklet:
"[...] Reintroduction of [m=380497] accompanied by two additional collaborative pieces by Homler and Moshier"

RVNG Intl. sticker affixed to the shrinkwrap.
Barcode printed on sticker affixed to the sleeve.

Packaging features unique reverse flap exterior card sleeve.
Includes 20-page booklet with liner notes, ephemera and printed inner sleeve.

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