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Ani DiFranco - Reprieve (CD) - USED

Righteous Babe Records

Ani DiFranco - Reprieve (CD) - USED


Released: 08 Aug 2006
Format: CD
Sleeve condition: Near Mint
Media condition: Near Mint

[1] Hypnotized
[2] Subconscious
[3] In The Margins
[4] Nicotine
[5] Decree
[6] 78% H20
[7] Millennium Theater
[8] Half-Assed
[9] Reprieve
[10] A Spade
[11] Unrequited
[12] Shroud
[13] Reprise

Ani DiFranco and Todd Sickafoose started recording the album at the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans in early 2005, then Hurricane Katrina forced them to finish up at the Dust Bowl in Buffalo, New York.

The cover tree was inspired by a photograph taken in Nagasaki, Japan on August 10, 1945 by Yosuke Yamahata, just hours after the explosion of the atomic bomb.

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