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Angry Angles - Angry Angles (LP, Comp) - NEW

Goner Records

Angry Angles - Angry Angles (LP, Comp) - NEW


Released: May 2016
Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation

[A1] Things Are Moving
[A2] Apparent-Transparent
[A3] You Fell In
[A4] The 15th
[A5] Crowds
[A6] She's Dead
[A7] Blockhead
[A8] In My Room
[B1] Memphis Creep
[B2] Things Are Moving
[B3] Black Hole
[B4] Stab You Dead
[B5] You Call It Love
[B6] You Lied
[B7] Can't Do It Anymore
[B8] All The Same
[B9] Set In Stone

hype sticker reads
"prime blood visions-era
all the singles plus a handful of
unreleased tracks by Jay and Alix
Brown's fantastic band Angry Angles
includes a download of this
album plus a previously
unreleased live set from
Gonerfest 3"

black vinyl

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