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Agoraphobic Nosebleed - PCP Torpedo / ANbRX (Minimax + CD, Album) - USED

Hydra Head Records

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - PCP Torpedo / ANbRX (Minimax + CD, Album) - USED


Released: 25 Apr 2006
Format: CD, Minimax
Sleeve condition: Near Mint
Media condition: Very Good Plus

[] PCP Torpedo
[1-00] Azido Phencyclidine Electrophoresis
[1-01] Thanksgiving Day
[1-02] The Man From Famine
[1-03] Crash Course To Maximum Nowhere
[1-04] PCP Torpedo
[1-05] Information Super Lost Highway
[1-06] Thinning The Herd
[1-07] Clorox Bong (Identity Picnic)
[1-08] Latin Thrift Cave
[1-09] Doubled Over
[1-10] Strong Stench Of Balance
[] ANbRX
[2-00] Untitled (Agoraphonic Nosecandy Mix)
[2-01] Untitled (Three Ring Inferno Mix)
[2-02] Untitled (Agoranopticon Xanophobic Mix)
[2-03] Untitled (Phantomsmasher Mix)
[2-04] Thanksgiving Day (Creed Are Twats And Nickelback Look Like Mike Bolton Mix)
[2-05] Untitled (Agorzbow Merzbleed Mix)
[2-06] Untitled (Decimated Spleencrawler Mix)
[2-07] Doubled Over (Throwing Up Blood Mix)
[2-08] Untitled (Flesh Of Jesu Mix)
[2-09] Untitled (Smoke Hard Drugz Mix)
[2-10] Untitled (Harder Drugz Faster Mix)
[2-11] Untitled (Apocalypse Nosebleed Mix)
[2-12] Untitled (Interchangeable Antichrist Mix)
[2-13] Untitled (Bloodusted Mix)
[2-14] Untitled (PCP Power Trip Mix)

Disc.1 PCP Torpedo (10) entries.
00. Azido Phencyclidine Electrophoresis (alternate extended intro available by back advance selection)

Disc.2 ANbRX Pharmaceuticals (14) entries (not including 00. 'Agoraphonic Nosecandy' prefix - available only through back advance drudgery)

PCP Torpedo/ANbRX was produced and developed [...] of the ANb Pharmaceutical Group Inc., with funding and product marketing by Hydrahead/Double H Noise Ind. 1998/2006.

PCP Torpedo/ANbRX Pharmaceuticals All new - Extra Strength Delta-9 w/Phenyliclidine from ANb Pharmaceuticals Inc. America's choice in designer recreational narcotics - ANbRX Pharmaceuticals cares that you feel your drug!

Worldwide distribution and marketing provided by Hydra Head Records & Double H Noise Industries, divisions of Hydra Head Industries Inc.
Comes in a double Digipak with lyric insert and obi-strip, there is a barcode sticker on the rear cover.

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