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Agnostic Front - No One Rules (LP, Comp) - NEW

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Agnostic Front - No One Rules (LP, Comp) - NEW


Released: 2014
Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation

[] Don Fury 1983
[A1] Smell The Bacon / What's With You
[A2] In Control
[A3] Last Warning
[A4] Fuck All Authority
[A5] Fight
[A6] Get Out / Final War
[A7] Discriminate Me
[A8] United Blood
[A9] Society Suckers
[A10] No Rights (No One Rules)
[A11] Friend Or Foe
[A12] We Should Care
[A13] Blind Justice
[A14] Crucial Changes
[A15] Traitor
[A16] When The Skins Go Marching In / We Can Do Anything
[A17] It's My Life
[] Don Fury 1984
[A18] Blind Justice
[A19] Your Mistake
[A20] Friend Or Foe
[B1] No One Rules
[B2] Fight
[B3] Last Warning
[B4] United And Strong
[B5] Hiding Inside
[B6] Discriminate Me
[B7] With Time
[B8] Traitor
[B9] Victim In Pain
[B10] Power
[B11] United Blood
[B12] Time Will Come
[B13] Society Suckers
[B14] The Blame

First pressing of 1000 black vinyl, approximately 300 came with the bonus 7".

Two represses of 1000 each were also made, sleeve and vinyl identical to the first press but the insert was reprinted due to a misprint on the centerfold of the booklet (a photo appears incorrectly placed on the top right corner that was supposed to be in the lower center of the page).

Come with 48-page full color booklet.
The first 300 copies containing a 7" of the full 16-song session for the United Blood EP.
Tracks A1 to A17 recorded in 1983.
Tracks A18 to B14 recorded in early 1984.

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