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Agathocles - Obey Their Rules (CD, Enh) - USED


Agathocles - Obey Their Rules (CD, Enh) - USED


Released: 2010
Format: CD, Enhanced
Sleeve condition: Near Mint
Media condition: Mint

[] Songs On Audio
[1] My Eve Of Destruction
[2] Blue Blood Dummies
[3] Another Grey Brick
[4] Obey Their Rules
[5] Copyleft
[6] Law And Order
[7] A Broken Mess
[8] Fed Up & Angry
[9] Share Welfare
[10] Aside
[11] Shooting Metal Up The Sky
[] Songs On Video
[Video1] Not A Bit
[Video2] Big Flat Cages
[Video3] Only Friction
[Video4] Who Cares
[Video5] Tension
[Video6] Carved Face Fashion
[Video7] Axe The Tax
[Video8] Bang Bang
[Video9] Hear More
[Video10] Until It Bleeds
[Video11] Lay Off Me
[Video12] Splattered Brains
[Video13] A Start At Least
[Video14] A For Arrogance
[Video15] Christianity Means Tyranny
[Video16] Porcelain A
[Video17] Religious Fucking Dope
[Video18] Matadores Del Libertad
[Video19] Chronic Death
[Video20] Liberal Cancer
[Video21] Well Of Happiness
[Video22] Razor Sharp Daggers
[Video23] Mutilated Regurgitator
[Video24] Necessity
[Video25] Arbeit Macht Krank
[Video26] Contradiction
[Video27] O.S.L.
[Video28] Muchas Cervezas En Valparaiso
[Video29] A For Arrogance
[Video30] Lay Off Me
[Video31] Christianity Means Tyranny
[Video32] Mutilated Regurgitator
[Video33] Porcelain A
[Video34] Necessity

Audio songs 1 to 6 recorded on Saturday 3th of March 2007 in Geel, Belgium.
Audio songs 7 to 11 noise recorded in July 2008 and throat recorded in November 2008 in Geel, Belgium.
Video gig recorded on the 11th of November 2007 playing live in Valparaiso, Chile.

Video song 27 is a Lärm cover.

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